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Nightly News Full Broadcast (March 22nd)

Crisis in Denver High School, Los Angeles Tornado Leaves Trail of Death and Destruction, Trump Facing Indictment, Unsolved Death of Steven Smith Yields New Evidence, Federal Reserve Keeps Interest Rates Steady Despite Bank Collapses, AI Revolution Halted by Human Control, Friends Stranded After Sailboat Sank by Whale

  • A 17 year old student is sought after he fired a gun while being searched at Denver High School, wounding two school administrators
  • A rare tornado touched down in Los Angeles County, causing multiple deaths and destruction
  • Donald Trump is racing for a possible indictment by the Manhattan D.A., potentially delaying a grand jury decision related to hush money case
  • Investigation into the unsolved death of Steven Smith, classmate of Buster Murdoch, has revealed new details
  • Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates steady following bank collapses
  • NBC series AI Revolution could not advance beyond human control
  • Friends were stranded at sea after their sailboat was sank by a whale.

Federal Reserve Investigates Bank Failures and Deadly Eye Drops; Government Overhauls Organ Transplant System

  • The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by a quarter of a point in order to tame inflation
  • There have been three bank failures in recent weeks, causing the Fed to come under scrutiny
  • The Fed is investigating and conducting a thorough review as to why these bank failures happened
  • Stephen Smith’s death from 2015 is being re-investigated as a homicide after new information emerged
  • There are now three deaths linked to eye drops being recalled, with 8 reports of vision loss and 4 needing eye surgery
  • The federal government is overhauling the nation’s organ transplant system to reduce wait times, increase funding and allow for competition.

Pacific Voyage Up-Ended by Whale; Former Silicon Valley Insiders Warn of Potential Human Extinction From Unregulated AI

  • Four friends’ plans for an epic voyage were up-ended when their boat was struck and sunk by a whale in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
  • They were able to send out Mayday messages, inflate a raft, and prep a dinghy before being rescued by the Rolling Stones rescue boat
  • Recent advances in artificial intelligence have created a high speed arms race with tech companies that could lead to dangerous consequences if not regulated
  • Former Silicon Valley insiders are warning tech companies about the potential for extremely bad outcomes from AI, including human extinction
  • CEOs of major AI Labs have agreed that there needs to be regulation and guardrails to keep AI safe.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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breaking news tonight the all Labssearch for a suspect after a shooting ata Denver High School a 17 year oldstudent on the run after police say hepulled a gun while he was being searchedfor a weapon and opened fire two Schooladministrators wounded their conditionsand the Urgent Manhunt also tonight therare tornado hitting Los Angeles Countydebris flying as roofs are torn off theweather system blamed for multipledeaths now on the move the dramaticvideo of men dangling outside the 31stfloor of a New York City Skyscraper thehours-long standoff with the FBI whatwe're learning Donald Trump Racing for apossible indictment the move today bythe Manhattan D.A potentially delaying agrand jury decision in the hush moneycase and the new blow for Mr Trump inhis classified documents investigationthe new twist and the unsolved death ofSteven Smith the classmate of BusterMurdoch what police have revealed aboutthe investigation the fan decision todayon interest rates in the wake of thoseBank collapses our new series AIRevolution couldn't Advance Beyond humancontrol and is there anything to stop itand stranded at Sea the friends whowaited hours for rescue after they say awhale sank their sailboatthis is NBC Nightly News with LesterHoltgood evening and welcome we begin withanother shooting and another sadcommentary on violence in our nation'sschools in Denver tonight two HighSchool administrators are hospitalizedwith gunshot wounds the suspect astudent who had apparently already beenunder special scrutiny and was beingsearched for weapons at the time under asafety plan when a gun was producedaccording to police the two stafferswere shot and the suspected shooter leftthe area the tragedy comes just over amonth after a deadly shooting outsidethat very same school that left astudent dead tonight a school Communityis left frustrated angry and fearfulamid questions concerning why policeofficers had been polled from thedistrict schools Gotti Schwartz has morescenario students and parents had beenwarning about turning into a terrifyingreality first into a gunshot wound withmultiple patients suspect is not in thisschool but still on the news policereleasing a photo of 17-year-old studentAustin Lyle he was being searched for aweapon at the school when a gun wasfound today during that search whichwhich took place away from otherstudents away from other school staffthey did produce that weapon and fireshots both did both Invaders rushed tothe hospital now in serious conditionthe search of the student part of whatthe school called an ongoing safety planbut wouldn't give specifics citingstudent privacythese are our kids in the chaoticaftermath parents surrounding policedemanding answersshouldn't have to be sitting there athome wondering if our babies are goingto come home to us every day just lastmonth another shooting just north of theschool left one student deadsixteen-year-old Luis Garcia was killedin his car and soon after studentsstaged a walkout over gun safetymarching to the state's capital theywere locked down every dayboth shootings following a controversialdecision in 2020 by the school districtto remove Denver Police school resourceofficers from campusesforeignsecurity this is this is gross thatdecision now being reevaluated as EastHigh deals with another shooting thattheir Community insists should have beenpreventedand Gotti what is the latest on thesearch for the shooter tonightwell Lester so far that student stillhasn't been caught but according uh toour affiliate Kusa a superintendent inConnor for Colorado which is about anhour south of Denver was told that thesuspected Gunman's cell phone may havepinged off of a cell phone tower nearbyand that prompted schools there to gointo what they call secure status but atthis time his exact whereabouts arestill unknown Western all right GottiSchwartz thank you in California a raretornado touchdown near Los Angeles asthe latest storm system brought heavyrains and devastating winds leaving fivedead across the state Miguel almaguerwas in the storms after math Miguel whatare you seeingwell Lester when you see the damage hereit's incredible that everyone survived Iwant to show you what this businesslooks like inside this building's beenred tagged we can't go any further thanthis and this is what so many businessesacross this area look like tonightoh the likely tornado touched down thisafternoon just outside downtown LosAngelesthe rare jaw-dropping site here leavingat least one injured and buildingsdamaged I was in the classroom and wejust heard like a lot of win I guessit's now the second tornado to hit theregion in 24 hours it's all connected tothe 12th atmospheric River of the Seasonthat Unleashed devastating winds andanother torrent of water acrossCaliforniatriggering Mayhem in Misery the stormblew ashore as a rare bomb cyclone inthe Bay Area looking and feeling like aviolent hurricane 75 mile an hour windstoppled a big rig I've been in the samespot for at least a half hour 45 minuteswith multiple people killed by Fallingtrees Chaos unfolded on the roads I'mtired of it I'm not a big fan of therain drivers near Santa Cruz navigatingthrough a gauntlet of downed trees andpower lines well at least 244 thousandlost poweras pounding surf canceled ferry servicesnow buried homes in the mountains we'veseen gusts over 60 miles an hour withsheets of water drenching Los Angelesthe city broke a rainfall record nowafter Swiftwater rescues in Arizona thisunforgiving storm delivering anotherrare sight in what feels like an endlessseason of wind and rain Miguel almaguerNBC News Los Angeles here in New York aday-long standoff at a high-risebuilding ended late today a man whobriefly dangled part of his body from awindow of an apartment that was not hiswas taken into custody by police afterhours of negotiation officials say itbegan after the FBI entered to serve awarrant on charges related to bank frauda surprise delay with the New York grandjury considering a possible indictmentof former president Trump Grand jurorsnot meeting today as scheduled Garretthake is watching it Garrett there's areal mystery over the delay yeah therereally is and the grand jury proceedingsare secrets so we just don't have muchinformation to go on but jurors weretold not to come in today but sourcessay the D.A is planning to have themback tomorrow meanwhile source isfamiliar with Mr Trump's thinking tellus he truly does not want to be indictedbut he does see political opportunity inhaving a large public battle a spectaclewith a democratic prosecutor he's alsounder the special counsel investigationrelated to classified documents there'sa new headline there as well that'sright a judge made her major ruling onFriday in a secret proceeding that therewas enough evidence Mr Trump may havecommitted crimes through his lawyers inthis case to create an exception to hisattorney-client privilege that means oneof those lawyers can be forced totestify and hand over documents it's asignificant win for the special counselall right Garrett thanks good to haveyou here tonight one once again todaythe Federal Reserve raised interestrates as it tries to tame inflation ThisTime by a quarter of a point the movecomes as the FED is under scrutiny afterseveral bank failures in recent weekshere's Tom Costellowith its reputation on the line at thenation's central bank today chose thepath most anticipated hiking interestrates for the ninth time in a yearmaking clear that despite lowunemployment inflation running at sixpercent is still too high the process ofgetting inflation back down to twopercent has a long way to go and islikely to be bumpy today's increase aquarter point the Fed was reluctant toraise rates more after three bankfailures in recent weeks higher interestrates over the past year were acontributing factor to Silicon ValleyBanks collapse after it took a big losson bond sales for the first time todaythe Fed chair publicly addressed thebanking crisis insisting the cases areisolated our banking system is sound andresilient with strong capital andliquidityon Wall Street the key indices lost 1.6percent had the FED not raise ratestoday the markets might have inferredthat more banks are at risk still Thefed's Regulators are Under Fire forfailing to recognize the bank failurewarning signs before it was too latethese people have ready access toanything that they need to be able tostop a problem in its tracks and now itis coming under pretty heavy scrutinyfrom people saying where were you whyweren't you paying attention today Fedchair Powell promised a thorough reviewmy only interest is that we identifywhat went wrong here how did this happenis the question what went wrong Powellsays it's clear the FED needs tostrengthen Bank supervision andregulation to prevent a repeat of thefailures that have undermined confidencein the banking system Lester all rightTom Costello Thank you new details inthe 2015 death of a South Carolina manthe investigation into Stephen Smith'sdeath was Rio opened after newinformation emerged as policeinvestigated the murders of Maggie andPaul Murdoch Katie Beck reportsthe Cold Case of Stephen Smith reignitedby renewed interest and an investigationwith a new Focus because I've beenwanting this for the last eight yearsand now it's happening the SouthCarolina law enforcement divisionWednesday issuing an update on the caseprogress has been made and sled'sinvestigation is active and ongoing sledopened the case as a homicide in 2021after they say they received informationabout Smith's death and reviewed thefile the initial classification of thecase as a vehicular manslaughter wasdoubted from the early stages the onlydamage to his body was his head anddislocated shoulder and I never believedit 19 year old Smith was found at 4 AMJuly 8 lying lifeless in the middle of arural road in Hampton County his shoesstill on his feet later investigatorschallenging the medical examiner'sreport stating Smith had possibly beenhit by a motor vehicle mirror I I askedher why she stated that in the reportand her answer was because he was foundin the road she had no evidence otherthan that for the statement being put inthe report during the course of theinvestigation the name Murdoch andspecifically Buster Murdock isreferenced several times you're theninth person that I've talked to inreference to this rumor earlier thisweek Buster Murdoch denied anyinvolvement in Steven's death attorneyEric Bland represents Smith's mother hebelieved that Stephen was murdered andit was important for her for his legacyto prove that nowhere in the files from2015 does it indicate that investigatorsattempted to speak with or spoke withBuster Murdoch Murdoch's attorneysconfirm they never did lesser all rightKatie thank you in 60 seconds the newCDC warning on eye drops following threedeaths plus the new plan to overhaul thecountry's organ transplant system whatit may mean for wait times and who getsthe organs nexta new alert from the CDC on those eyedrops tainted with bacteria there arenow three deaths linked to them thereare also eight reports of vision lossand four reports of patients needingtheir eyes surgically removed afterusing the eye drops the CDC is warningpeople to stop using the two Brandslinked to the most cases Ezra care andDelsym Pharma artificial tears bothbrands have been recalled also tonightmajor changes are on the way for thenation's organ transplant system aftercriticism about the long wait times thefederal government revealing plans foran overhaul here's Kristen Dahlgrentonight lq gold ring is one of a hundredand four thousand people waiting for alife-saving organ transplant you don'teven know the half of what the physicaland mental pain that I have to hold onto every day and try to smile through itliving with kidney disease since threeher first transplant failed in 2015she's been waiting for a replacementever since is the system brokenoh yeah the waitlist here in Kentucky isfive years I've been waiting seven and ahalf but today the federal governmentannounced plans to revamp that systemseeking to more than double its fundingand inviting competition to the UnitedNetwork for organ sharing or Unos whichhas long been the sole manager of thenation's organ donations in part of thatagenda is making sure that life-savingorgans are are getting to people whenthey need them as quickly as they needthem and that we need to build aninfrastructure that supports that 17people die every day waiting fortransplants the system has long beencriticized for long wait times damagedand discarded organs unequal treatmentof minority patients and outdatedtechnology when you order a toothbrushon Amazon they can tell you minute tominute where that toothbrush is wellthat's not been possible for organtransplantation even though we thinkthat what we do is considerably moreimportant than ordering a toothbrush whoknows says it is committed to reformssaying we welcome a competitive and openbidding process for the next contract toadvance our efforts to save as manylives as possible as equitably aspossible reforms won't go into placeright away as the government works withexperts and organizations to design therevamp but for lq so I'm just waitingand with the smile just waiting everyday it gives her hope that she'll getthe call for her transplant soon KristenDahlgren NBC News and up next tonightthe promise and Perils of artificialintelligence I speak with two expertswho have deep concerns they share withme in our new series AI Revolutionrecent advances in artificialintelligence now available to the massesof both fascinated and enthralled manyAmericans but amid all the Wows over AIthere are some saying wait including apair of former Silicon Valley insiderswho are now warning tech companies theremay be no returning the AI Genie to thebottle I sat down with them for ourseries AI Revolutionit's hard to believe it's only been fourmonths since chat GPT launched kickingthe AI arms race into high gear that waslike firing the starting gun that nowall the other companies said well if wedon't also deploy we're going to losethe race to Microsoft Tristan Harris isGoogle's former design ethicist heco-founded the center for Humanetechnology with Azor Raskin both C andAI welcome possibilities what we want isAI that enriches our lives that ishelping us cure cancer that is helpingus find climate Solutions but will thenew AI arms race take us there or down adarker pass the race to deploy becomesthe race to recklessness because theycan't deploy it that quickly and alsoget it rightin the 2020 Netflix doc the socialdilemma they sounded the alarm on thedangers of social media we built thesethings and we have a responsibility tochange it but tonight they have an evenmore dire warning about ignoring thePerils of artificial intelligence itwould be the worst of all human mistakesto have ever been made and we literallydon't know how it works and we don'tknow all the things it will do and we'rewe're putting it out there before weactually know whether it's safe Raskinpoints to a recent survey of AIresearchers where nearly half said theybelieve there's at least a 10 percentchance AI could eventually result in anextremely bad outcome like humanextinction where do you come down onthat I don't know the the point itscares me you don't know yeah wellhere's here's the point like it's it'simagine you're about to get on anairplane and 50 of the engineers thatbuilt the airplane say there's a 10chance that the airplane might crash andkill everyone leave me at the gate rightexactly AI tools can already mimicvoices Ace exams create art and diagnosediseases and they're getting smarterevery day in two years by the time ofthe election human beings will not beable to tell the difference between whatis real and what is fake who's buildingthe guardrails here no one is buildingthe guardrails this has moved so muchfaster than our government has been ableto understand or appreciate it'simportant to note the CEOs of the majorAI Labs they've all said we do need toregulate AI there's always that notionthat well maybe these companies canpolice themselves does that work nono self-policing doesn't work no itcannot work but doesn't a personultimately control it can I simply justpull the plug unfortunately this isbeing decentralized into more and morehands so that technology isn't just runinside of one company that you can justsay I want to pull the plug on Googlealso think about how hard it would be topull the plug on Google or pull the plugon Microsoft so what would you tell aCEO of a Silicon Valley company rightnow and yeah you don't want to be lastbut can you take a pause I mean is thatrealistic no it you're right it's notrealistic to ask one company what weneed to do is get those companies haveto come together in a constructivepositive dialogue about think of it likeyou know the nuclear Test Ban Treatyright we cut all the nations togethersaying can we agree we don't want todeploy nukes above ground the stakesthey say are impossibly high but whenwe're in an arms race to deploy AI toevery human being on the planet as fastas possible with as little testing aspossible that's not an equation that'sgoing to end wellwe reached out to some of the companiesin the Forefront of AI developmentMicrosoft told us AI has the potentialto help solve some of Humanity's biggestproblems and they believe it's importantto make AI tools available with guardrails Google said they are committed toresponsible development includingrigorous testing and ethics reviewswe've got more to tell you tonightcoming up an epic Story of Survival thesailors whose boat was smashed by agiant whale in the middle of the oceanforeignwe want to tell you the story now of aonce in a lifetime voyage that turnedinto a struggle for survival for fourfriends when they encountered one of theGiants of the ocean here's Sam Rockfor Rick Rodriguez and his seafaringfriends years of planning were sunk in amatter of minutes by a whale you guyscan't believe we got hit by a whale thatwas mostly what went through my head ittook 15 minutes for their boat raindancer to be swallowed by the ocean justenough time to fire off Mayday messagesand texts while also inflating a raftand prepping a dinghy it was just um anincredible amount of water coming invery fast having left the GalapagosIslands about two weeks prior and routeto French Polynesia the group now wasstranded in the middle of the PacificOcean Rodriguez has made a text to hisboat buddy Tommy made the rounds fromWhatsApp to social media Rick writingTommy this is no joke we hit a whale andthe ship went down to which Tommyreplied we got you by we're sharing yourcoordinates real timehow low were you on battery at thatpoint by the time we turned off 30 bythe time we got rescued it was down tolike 18 percentin the middle of the night the crew on arescue boat Rolling Stones spotted themwe have four people in a small life raftwe were shocked that we found them nowgrateful Mariners thank you to everyonethat was involved in our rescuesafe and with a whale of a story to tellSam Brock NBC News what an incredibledrama that's Nightly News for thisWednesday thank you for watchingeveryone I'm Lester Holt please takecare of yourself and each other goodnightthanks for watching our YouTube channelfollow today's top stories and breakingnews by downloading the NBC News app