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Master Stripe Recurring Payments: Subscription Services in @FlutterFlow​

Exploring Stripe Recruitment Payments: From Fan Clubs to Streaming Services

  • Stripe payments can be used to create subscriptions for video/audio streaming services and certain websites/applications
  • Revenue Cut is complex and tied with iOS and Android, so another approach is being discussed, which is used by Netflix and Flicks
  • The speaker will use their own app in Bulgaria to demonstrate the process of using Stripe recruitment payments, which allow members of a fan club to pay one yearly fee instead of manually paying each year
  • A credit card was used to demo the payment process, which includes filling out a form and checking a box that changes the price from half to full cost for an adult
  • After subscribing, users were directed to a page with their details and a QR code that acts as their digital card.

Secure Payment System: Platform Subscription Guaranteed with Dynamic Link

  • When making a payment, the user will be subscribed to the platform if it is successful
  • Creating two pages for successful and failed payments, using simple UI, is necessary
  • A custom code should be used which creates a dynamic link for successful payments, ensuring there is no security risk
  • The parameters for this dynamic link should be retrieved from Firebase and include the package name, DIP link and page parameters.

Unlock Payments with Stripe API Integration Guide

  • This video demonstrates how to integrate the Stripe API using an API group code and a base UI
  • It explains how to create a payment link, including the endpoint, token, and other parameters needed for successful payment processing
  • It also explains how to add a product in Stripe for recurring payments and currency that will be used.

API Code Establishes Subscription Plan with Successful URL and Cancel URL

  • A subscription product was set up with two prices (30 and 15) and a subscription model (daily, weekly, etc.)
  • The price ID and the mode (subscription or payment) were then specified in an API code
  • These parameters were passed into a body using X double double double four
  • The successful URL and cancel URL were also included
  • Data for members was collected in a form which created a document with an active membership field.

Secure Payment Link Creation Process Simplified with Four Parameters

  • A user is sending data to a back end of an app including name, email, phone number, city, board and discount
  • This data then needs to be sent to the Stripe API in order to create a payment link
  • A custom function is used for this process which requires four parameters: dynamic link, package name, successful UI route and page parameters (ID and name)
  • The cancel URL is the same as the payment link.

Secure Payment System with Flexible Discounts: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Stripe is used to create a payment link
  • Users can decide if they would like to have a 50% discount or pay full price
  • The payment link is saved in the app’s state
  • Upon success, subscription ID is sent and document reference might be updated
  • Navigation from page to page should not allow for back button pressing
  • Failed payments have a “try again” button that launches same page.

Discord Server Launched to Enhance Viewer Experience

  • A Discord server has been created to support viewers of the video
  • The server is free and accessible from a link provided in the video
  • The Discord server allows viewers to discuss videos and provides a private channel for those using the mentoring service
  • Thanking viewers for watching and wishing them well

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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