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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

2023 YouTube Trends & Predictions for Creators | #ThinkMediaPodcast #178

Video Content Boom: Mastering the 8 Second Mindset for Maximum Engagement

  • Video content is on the rise, with users watching an average of 19 hours of video content a week
  • Vertical video has the highest return on investment and is being used across different platforms, such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Tick Tock and Facebook Reels
  • Viewers prefer short form video that gets straight to the point and brands should aim for 10 minutes or less in 2023
  • Mastering the 8 second mindset is essential as attention spans are shortening
  • Podcasts are booming and are an opportunity for creators to engage with their audience.

Unlock the Power of AI to Boost Podcasts and Videos

  • Podcasts are a major trend
  • YouTube is the largest podcasting platform
  • Video podcasts provide an opportunity to distribute across audio and video platforms
  • Embrace artificial intelligence to assist with tasks such as writing scripts, generating ideas, and editing videos
  • AI can help one be more effective and productive.

How Small Businesses Can Unlock the Benefits of AI and Influencer Marketing to Create New Revenue Streams

  • YouTube Thumbnail Generation requires creativity
  • Artificial Intelligence and automation can help but still need thoughtful decisions
  • Embrace AI and accept change
  • Adopt a media company mindset to create new revenue streams
  • Leveraging influencer marketing will continue to increase ROI, and small businesses are likely to partner with small creators.

YouTube Creators Adapt to Platforms Changing Landscape

  • YouTube creators will need to embrace vulnerability and transparency instead of overly polished content
  • Live streaming allows deeper connection and is real time
  • Multi-streaming to platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube etc. can help expand reach
  • YouTube has organized its content better with the videos tab, shorts tab and livestreaming tab.

How Content Creators Can Leverage E-commerce, SEO Revival, and Voice Search Tactics for Success in 2023

  • E-commerce will continue to grow, offering entrepreneurs and media companies a chance to monetize
  • SEO Revival is taking place, requiring creators to respond by changing how they frame information and optimize content
  • Authority is important on YouTube and search engines, as is trustworthiness
  • Creators should strive to be an authority on their topics and write for people before search engines
  • Understanding the audience is essential and requires more than just basic demographics
  • Empathy and human-focused content will be key in 2023
  • Different content formats should be embraced strategically on brand for target audience
  • Voice search tactics should be recognized as consumer use increases
  • Click-through rates and engagement metrics should be monitored.

E-Commerce Boom: Strategies to Capitalize on Growing Industry

  • E-commerce sales will reach 6.51 trillion by 2023, with e-commerce websites taking up 22.3 percent of total retail sales
  • Hybrid Commerce is decreasing the distinction between online and offline
  • Vertical video, mastering the 8 second mindset, starting a video podcast, embracing AI, adopting a media company mindset, live streaming, SEO revival and investing in storytelling skills are all strategies to capitalize on the growing e-commerce industry
  • Understanding audiences beyond demographic information is important for success in this field.

Unlock the Power of Storytelling: Tips to Connect with Your Viewers

  • Creators and entrepreneurs that create content should master the skill of storytelling
  • Knowing how to tell a story in a YouTube video, structure a live stream, and tie in stories to content will help connect better with viewers
  • Facts tell but stories sell
  • Weaving in stories into content will help power up the content and outperform other content.

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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Embrace artificial intelligence this oneyou may have heard about it maybe notfriend it is here to stay it is real andit's kind of scary artificialintelligence may not replace you but itshould assist youso HubSpot says that video has thehighest Roi of any media by far andAdobe says that the average user nowwatches 19 hours of video content perweek so I'm so excited because in thisthink media podcast I'm gonna bebreaking down my 2023 YouTube trends andpredictions for creators and businessowners and I've got 10 of them and thisis going to be not really just likeCould Happen far out their predictionsbut there's going to be some tacticalstrategy in this episode so buckle yourseatbelt because we're really going togo deep and unpack a lot of actionableinsights so you can get more views getmore subscribers and grow your channelthis year but today's episode is broughtto you by think media sale we're stilldoing 75 percent off of our YouTubestarter kit and our Niche Finder courseall of that's in the show notes and I'lltell you a little bit more about thatlater but let's dive right into numberone which is go all in on vertical videoso HubSpot says that short form videowill see the most growth in 2023 and Ithink that we can all agree with thatsentiment YouTube shorts Instagram reelsTick Tock Facebook reels Pinterestvertical video yes I was on a trip toIsrael and uh one of the creators on thetrip with me showed me his Pinterestaccount and he said hey I've madethirteen thousand dollars in thePinterest vertical video beta programand I was absolutely shocked I was likePinterest is a place where you pinrecipes what do you mean they're doingvideo now essentially Real Sports and sovertical video is blowing up and it'stime to go all init is the most effective and it has thehighest return on investment this iswhat a lot of the data in my predictionsand Trends are pulled from Adobe HubSpottop marketing firms with a lot ofresearch behind them and when theymeasure the return on investment the ROIof vertical video what they're measuringis the fact of how hard is it to createand how much reach can you get how manyviews and then how much business can youdrive or results and so vertical videois technically the easiest to create andit has the mostopportunity for viralityso ultimately investing in verticalvideo is really smart Adobe said shortform video accounts for 80 percent ofall mobile data traffic right now andshort form video is also good for yourbrand you can produce more content inless time plus viewers are more likelyto engage with shorter video that getsstraight to the point so when you'redoing short form right YouTube shorts oryou're producing vertical videos at yourplace you're posting multiple places myreal estate agent and real estateinvestor friend of mine Anton is shortform video has allowed him to enter thecontent game he hasn't really crackedthe code on live streaming he doesn'treally make one to make long form buthe's using just his phone no fancymicrophone he's creating vertical videosand he's posting them as YouTube shortshe's posting them as tick tocks Facebookreels and Instagram reels and he's likeit's crazy the ROI is already coming inand they're not super hard to create theconstraints are helpful because it'svertical in less than 60 seconds I'mable to also post it multiple places andso ultimately investing in short form isa big deal and if you're not subscribedto the think media podcast yet onYouTube or audio wherever you listen toit definitely subscribe because we'regoing to be bringing you more contentabout vertical video YouTube shorts allyear long but one of the tips that Idon't necessarily agree with althoughit's worth stating here on number one isAdobe said in 2023 Brands need to keeptheir video content to 10 minutes orlessnow I don't agree with that becausewe've seen especially on YouTube they'reactually being a huge opportunity forreally long content two hours two and ahalf three hours we'll touch on thatlater but I do agree with it in thesentiment ofattention spans or shortening and whenpossible if you can trim the fluffshort form video is shortening attentionspans and I think that the expectationon longer form video we should take noteso unless the content needs to be longerand there's a purpose for it when indoubttrim it down shorten your content that'sa huge Trend and one of the predictionsnumber one is vertical video it's goingto be the most growth it's here to staylet's go to number twoMaster the Eight Second mindset sogetting attention fast is more importantthan ever and one of the terms even fromsome of the employees at Google is therising demand for snackable Content nowI did this as a whole separate pointbecause while this might sound similarto Vertical video as being short formsnackable content the Eight Secondmindset applies toeverything it applies to your longerform videos it applies to taking yourhooks more seriously than ever beforenow by the way some YouTube short statsYouTube shorts now has 1.5 billionmonthly active users and sees more than30 billion daily views making it a bigopportunity for advertisers and that'suh think with Google quoteso snackable content shorts is risingbut also thinking aboutgrabbing people's attention so a tiphere is people in 2023 are notinterested in short or long intros we'vebeen talking about this a lot though Ithink this is not a new trend but it'slike your intro should be less than fiveseconds possibly one to two seconds ourshere at think media is you got to justpress recordthat's it and I have it on a soundboardright next to me on my rode uh podcasterbut that's the whole intro you gottajust press record with a camera noise sopeople they want to get straight to thepoint the way you should be opening up avideo podcasta short a reel should get straight tothe point your video should get straightto the point we got to trim the fluffand so mastering the Eight Secondmindset the people who win on YouTubethe people who went on social media aregoing to master the Eight Second mindsetattention spans are shorter and don'tjust apply that to short form contentapply that to all of your content numberthree start your video podcast so Adobesaid the great podcasting boom hasalready happened but the sector is stillgrowing every year in fact U.S consumerslisten listen to 15 billion hours ofpodcasts in 2021 podcasts are also anincredibly effective way to drive salesat sixty percent of listeners reportsearching for a product after hearingabout it on a podcast so podcasts inaudio are already a major Trend but Ithink even deeper than that if youhaven't heard yet a document leaked fromalphabet which is the parent company ofGoogle and YouTube talking about theirplans for podcasting they hired afull-time executive to overseepodcasting at YouTubeyou can go to forward slashpodcasts and see a page aggregatingvideo podcasts and other stats showed usthat actually YouTube is the largestpodcasting platform meaning it actuallygets more listens AKA watches butlistening time than Apple and Spotifywhich makes sense because if it's justthe JRE Clips or the Logan Paulimpulsive show or h3h3 podcast orPatrick davidvalutainment Lewis houseschool of greatness all these differentpodcasts a lot of people go to YouTubeto listen to them and YouTube isinfinitely bigger than Spotify and applein terms of podcast listening so allthat to say is that the intelligentYouTube Creator is going to be thinkingabout starting a video podcast now theymay pull in RSS feeds to YouTubefor the audio side but we say videopodcast here at think media because ofthe opportunity to not just be onYouTube and have it be searchable butalso and discoverable and clips from itbut also that you can distribute itacross audio and this is why a coupleyears ago we started the think mediapodcast and this trend just continues torise it's not too late to get in thegame it's not too late to start a videopodcast we will be talking more aboutthat this year a lot whether you shouldstart a separate Channel keep it on yourmain Channel all the differentstrategies with itOmar El takori is kind of a residentthink media expert on video podcastingwe'll be bringing him on the show butnumber three is start your video podcastnumber four Embrace artificialintelligence this one you may have heardabout it maybe not you might think it'shype you might think it's weird friendit is here to stay it is real and it'skind of scary Embrace artificialintelligence means that every smartYouTube Creator every business owner isgoing to realize a couple things oneartificial intelligence may not replaceyou but it should assist you it may notreplace one of your team members but itshould be embraced by every one of yourteam members so if you haven't gone tochat GTP yet which is at openai.comwe'll put it in the show notes andthere's some good YouTube videos outthere it's pretty scary you can go tochat GPT and you could say write me ascript for a YouTube video comparing theSony zv1 and the Canon M50 what'sshocking is it'll write you like a 501word script with the megapixel out withthe flip out features like incredibledetail its conclusions may be wrongabout which one's Superior or whatevercomparing them after it finishes writingyou could say can you make it longerit'll add more detail you could also saydo this in a chatty voice you can givemore distinctions to it and so Iencourage you as homework after thispodcast or or just something to open upon another screen it's free you can goto sign up and start playingwith this tool but as far as likewriting scriptsand is it going to replace the qualitythat a human can do I don't believe itwill but it's potentially going to beable to help you save 70 of your timedoing the heavy lifting on the scriptthen you go on and add your voice but itgoes deeper number four is Embraceartificial intelligence vid IQ if theyhaven't dropped it yet publicly alreadyhas a description tool so you just writewhat your video is about the kind oftitle or just the basic keyword longtail keyword phrase that your videocovers and it'll write you a two threefour sentence or three paragraph shortbut like keyword Rich optimized humanvoice description for your YouTube videojust so it better indexes in Google andit's a description of what you're aboutto talk about you can change it reallyquick it happens in a second and if youdon't have vid IQum you can check that out at vidiq.comforward slash think there's a wholeSuite of tools that vidiq gives you theyalso have their AI title generation toolthey're using AI to help you with withdaily video ideas but it goes deeperthere's a software called gilacloud.comand it'll help you generate videos fromnews content social posts live sportsevents and statistical data in minutesand so it's AI there's AI video editorsand AI is also in things like AdobePremiere there's an AI color match toolthere's a morph cut tool this might allsound a little bit overwhelming but acouple things you need to hear first ofall take a deep breath second of allrealize we only have probably aboutthree to six months left before themachines kill us so we might as wellLive It Up why why we have timeand then third of all realize thatartificial intelligence is here to stayandyou gotta skate to where the puck isgoing not even to where it is it's timeto get educated in 2023 about how thesetools can help you go further fasterabout how they can be added to yourworkflow about how they could beintegrated into your workflow I reallyactually don't think they're going toreplace as much as we as we thinkhowever I would argue they'd say okay isAI going to make my job irrelevant itcould but the reason it'll make your jobirrelevant and you'll get fired is ifyou're not using AI because AI can makeyou 20 30 40 60 more effective theperson who doesn't learn the new toolsis going to be at the mercy of theperson who does and maintains their jobbecause they double their productivitybecause robots are working for them andthe skill set to develop is the abilityto ask better questionsto still be a Visionary and be able tovisualize the final product the finalYouTube video that you want to make andreally the skill set to direct is you'regoing to be more the symphony directorso you're the conductor at the symphonyso you might be filming the videoyourself but you directed chat gbt tohelp you write the script you modifiedthe script a little bit you did an AIthumbnail generation the thumbnail ofthis podcast on YouTube is an AI versionof me and so you but we still had tocreatively think through okay what wasthe best one we didn't just randomlythere were some really lens that didsome terribleum AI versions didn't even look like memy hands growing all weird I did a I dida carousel on my Instagram of it youstill have to be the DJ you have to bethe conductor of the symphony you stillhave to be thoughtful in terms of yourdescription but instead of you taking 20minutes to write your description you'retaking two seconds to have vid IQ writeit for you and then you're taking oneminute to proofread it you just savedyourself 19 minutesso number four is Embrace artificialintelligence and um is uncomfortablethat as that make you feel change ishard it might feel weird it's here tostay and uh something to lean into allright number fiveadopt the media company mindset Transitpredictions you are a media company thebrands that succeed the businesses thatsucceed and even the solo creators thatsucceed are Solo creators who stopdabbling and they start dominating andtake the mindset that I am a mediacompany so you are a media company Adobesaid it this way you aren't just a brandyou're a media company and an influencertoo so you shouldn't be treatingcontent creation is or you should betreating content creation as a separatewing of your business with its ownRevenue generating opportunities so Iknow a lot of our community here on thethink media podcast you want to gopart-time or full-time on YouTube as aCreator as a personal brand great you'rea media company so you stop thinkinglike a solo Creator and a solopreneurand you think about how am I building amedia company if only it is you as theconductor CEO of the media company vidIQ works for you chat GPT works for youvid chops works for you on some videoediting you have a personal assistant anadmin assistant that's a VA eventuallyyou're still the boss you're still theCEO and you're still thinking biggerbut especially if you're a businessowner an entrepreneur or a brand you'renot just the thing you do you're also amedia companyand by being a media company in aContent company you also have theopportunityto create new Revenue generatingopportunities like it actually can bolton additional income streams for theCreator the YouTube Creator andinfluencer primarily these are your ownthese are your primary in income streamsbut for the business you becoming amedia company it's kind of like ifyou're a brick and mortar restaurantyou may not start a YouTube channeland actually drive more local sales orpeople coming to your restaurant becauseof the YouTube channel what you may dois use your kitchen on the off hourswith some lighting and a camera and youdoing cooking videos to create a one twothree four five thousand dollars a monthand AD Revenue Cooking Channel that's anextra that's pure profit besides yourhustlebecause you already have the recipes inthe ingredients and the restaurantso you just added on a whole newadvertising income stream because ofcreating YouTube videos and tapping intothe ad Revenue partner program and thenas you know and again we'll talk aboutall of this at length here on the thinkmedia podcast I encourage you as the newyear starts and it's still kind of aslow time right now go through ourlibrary and look at some of the titlesand topics that stand out to youespecially about monetization there'sjust so many Revenue generatingopportunities the punch line is numberfive adopt the media company mindset andanother Point under this is one of thebrands predicted that influencermarketing this was like HubSpot willcontinue to grow in high Roi now it's aninteresting timetruth is that as we're kind of in thisweird somewhat recessionary period youdo have some a lot of bigger influencersare sayingthat their brand deals are slowing downor getting canceled because Brands andmaybe big tech companies are beingproductive protective of their ad spendthey're backing out of some brand dealsnow it's all subjective true butsubjective because I'll tell you thisthat think media our brand deals havenot slowed down brands have not beenpulling back we have not had canceledcontracts but it depends on the industryI supposebut here's what HubSpot predicted overone in four marketers currently leverageinfluencer marketing and IT offers thesecond highest Roi of any Trend sohere's what they're talking about foryou the YouTube Creator or theindividual with the YouTube channel onlyone out of four marketers so the CMO ofa companyare actually embracing influencermarketing more will continue to embraceit so if only 25 embrace it now whathappens when 50 75 100 you're thebeneficiary of that because morebusinesses that want to sponsor morecreators just means there's more moneyin the system and so the key for youthough is I want to encourage you thinklike a media companyis your Media Kit ready are youpositioned for Brands to be able toreach out to you have you positionedyourselfto be the beneficiary of smallbusinesses and bigger businesses thatwant to work with you the otherprediction that HootSuite a HootSuitearticle talked about is that smallbusinesses will be teaming upwith small creatorsbecause smaller businesses you'veeverybody's seen ads of Squarespaceyou're listening to a podcast purplemattress you're listening to you knownordvpn we've seen that brand Deal onYouTube videos right butsmall businesses will start embracinginfluencer marketing now we're inprediction territory and I and I wouldagree with this so small businessesstart embracing influencer marketing youhave a small Channelthey see the opportunity to drive SalesDrive sales to their e-commerce site butyou have to be findable you also have tobe on the offensive of finding thesebusinesses I think there's anopportunity to even consider workingwith smaller businesses in your localcommunity filming for them making adsfor them Biz Dev with them bring them onthe show collaborate with them themindset here's number five is adopt themedia company mindset you're the CEOwhat is your this is your brand dealsinfluencer business Partnershipsdivision you are partnering withbusinesses you're attracting smallbusinesses that want to hire you you'rethinking about your Media Kit you'rethinking about your pricing you'rethinking about your deliverables I meanI can highlight your product in a videoI can make a commercial for you I couldmake a video of your local business Icould like you think about pitchingyourself and think about the revenueopportunities in terms of influencermarketing and that was one Trend that Iwanted to highlight was that smallbusinesses will be teaming up with smallcreators so get ready for that and alsobe aggressive in building out your mediacompany and that's another theme we'llcontinue to talk about here and oneother piece of this was also that aprediction was long-term brandambassadors and we've been seeing thisat think media six months to 12 monthbrand deals even two years then onevideo and one ad placement I think it'ssmart because it's more efficient it'salso smart that rather than justconstantly being sold to the highestbidder which we'd never recommend butit's not just ad spots or commercialsit's looking for like Partnershipslong-term brand ambassadors if you if ifwe know we love the product like vid IQif we know we love the products and weuse the product and the productcontinues to evolve and we can getbehind it and we would wholeheartedlyrecommend it to our friends and familywithout being a brand partner with themthen they would make a great brandpartner because we would recommend itanyways and so that was one know if thatis one of our partners really and it's abrand deal it's a brand sponsorship butit's long term and we are brandambassadors for vid IQ and it's awin-win-win-win-win because we recommendit anyways it's cool that we can workwith them we have an affiliateopportunity we're also compensated ontop of that we integrate it into ourcontent that's across the board thisvideo is not even sponsored by vid IQforward slash think but I'm shoutingthat out or just letting you know aboutit just because we talk about them on anongoing way all right so we have thenext five tips but uh I hope you've beengetting value and I'm curious which onedid you like best which one stands outto you most today's episode as areminder is brought to you there's a few moredays left I believe January 5th is theend of our 75 off sale on our YouTubestarter kit and our Niche Finder coursesuper great price I think it's 47 rightnow huge discount I mean Niche Finderalone is normally a 200 program if youwant to get dialed on your channel topicfor 2023 plus you want to get our bestbundle of downloadable templates fortitles our title guide our video ideaslist our 51 money making ideas guide ourthumbnail create awesome thumbnailstraining and all this different stuffthat's all in the starter kit those twothings at a steep discount are endingsoon and so check out the show notesthinkmediasail.comand if you want to start or grow aYouTube channel in 2023 if you'reserious about growing your YouTubechannel definitely check that out andlet's get into number six number sixlive streaming is here to stay so thisis not really a new trend or a newprediction but here's what the stats sayaccording to one report consumers spentaround548 billion hours streaming throughmobile devices in 2021 that was thenewest that I found in regards to onejust it's a couple years ago so thenumbers are higher two that's justmobile devices so we know this is hugein gaming but this is also huge we livestream all the time I think media youmay have already started to embrace livestreamingum are you considering embracing livestreaming in this new year here's one ofthe reasonsum live streaming gives you theopportunity to connect deeper and it'sreal time so it's really you I want toencourage you to make sure you'resubscribed because the next episode ofthe podcast is kind of the part two ofthis and it's sort of a different angleon my Transit predictions I think it'sgoing to be one of the most importantepisodes I ever talk I share with youbecause it's three YouTube tips that ifyou ignore them you'll regret it and oneof them is just on the need ofvulnerability and transparency we'veseen so many like cryptocurrency rugpolls where people been scammed nftscams from Big influencers click baitlike people going for just like quickmoney but dishonoring Their audience orhighly polished content creators thatsay one thing but then something comesout that's not really you know who theyareso the thing with live streaming is itreally just puts you out there sothere's a lot of reasons but that's justone reason to highlight is that itconnects deeper and it is real time soit's really you it's really hard to fakeanything for over time on live streamingbecause you're just out there as opposedto the fact if you can hide behindediting or you can hide behind a filterthe power of live streaming is it reallyconnects and my point is one of the bigtrends which will unpack much more inthe bigger in the next episode is thisidea of people overly polished contentis just not going to win in 2023 morevulnerability more authenticity morereal more raw and live stream is one ofyour opportunities to do that I thinkalso multi-streaming and we talk aboutstream yard a lot I'm recording thispodcast on stream yardum that's another one of our bigpartners because it just gets better andbetter if you want to check it outstream with is 14 day trialThey just added perfect record so I'mactually recording this video podcast ata higher quality it captures to my harddrive first gets uploaded to the cloudthen I'm able to just send that link toan editor and boom this podcast is Offto the Races just recording it from homeso stream yard is an incredible tool butwhen streaming which I'm just recordingthat's not live but when streaming youof course cannot just go to YouTube butyou could go to multiple Facebook pagestwitch if you want to rtmp streams sobasically anywhere and you canmulti-stream so it's just an opportunitythat live streaming is here to stay andto maybe summarize this point as we getready for number seven you also saw thatYouTube evolved to now organize theircontent better and if you haven'tnoticed on channels lately they now havea videos tab a shorts Tab and a livestreaming tab so my prediction for 2023is that the Savvy YouTube Creator isgoing to be embracing all the differentcontent formats strategically on brandfor their Channel serving their audienceunderstanding Their audience butembracing the different content formatsI also want to encourage you if that'soverwhelming you don't have to do themall at once but as you move maybe frompart time to full time develop andsharpen your skills and get one percentbetter with every upload you will see usmodeling at think media that we're doinglonger foreign video podcasts we'redoing YouTube shorts we're doing livestreams we're doing edited videos of allkinds of different links it's a it's amulti-media format World in2023. number seven join the SEO RevivalSEO stands for search engineoptimization I would argue that SEOnever went away but what's beeninteresting about the last couple yearsis that it's kind of been forgottenabout and a lot of people have thrownthe baby out with the bath waterunderstandably when it comes to YouTubethe shorts shelf which is not searchbased is a place to go viral with shortsthe suggested and browse featurestraffic Source on YouTube is the placeto go viral being recommended by YouTubeand a lot of people have ignored searchengine optimization but what'sfascinating is I was just talking to onefriend who said he was building a PC andhe was looking at every part of his PCthat he would look up to study was aYouTube short that ranked in search Iheard Gary vaynerchuk talking about theopportunity of using of ranking YouTubeshorts now our core program at thinkmedia our main course is called videoranking academy and our students havecontinuously seen success as of we withranking videos and creating search basedor intent based content so of courseit's not just YouTube shorts it's alsolong form video it's also making youryour content discoverable and findableit's also realizing that your videos canrank on Google but here's some 2023things to consider one prediction wasvoice search tactics for SEO businessesare responding by changing how theyframe information to answer readersquestions based on intent creators areopting for more conversational questionand answer formats this way whenconsumers use voice search they'll gethigh quality accurate responses morequickly so how you optimize organizeyour content has an opportunity to getdiscovered as people are using voicesearch and you need to be aware thatpeople are saying you know hey Googlehey Alexa hey Siri and I hope my phonedoesn't come alive right now but they'rethey're saying that and then how arethey verbally framing what they'relooking for you have a chance to getdiscovered in that regard right forpeople before you write for searchengines so I think what we're seeingwith the SEO Revival is it's not SEObeing revived the way it used to be doneyou gotta know the way it's done in a2023 world yes you want to understandkeywords and you want to understandkeyword phrases and you want tounderstand viewer psychology and all ofthe above but the key is you also wantto write for people before searchengines another huge key to SEO in 2023is you want to become an authority onthe topic so Authority is one of thethings that Google is always valued andGoogle owns YouTube it's not talkedabout a lot but Channel Authoritymatters on YouTube so Channel Authorityis that YouTube eventually figures outoh think media talks about cameras andTech a lot and people respond with thatokay if they just randomly post agardening video besides the fact thatthat would be disaligned with theviewers that we're not an authority onthat so your goal is to strive to be thebest resource on whatever topic you'rediscussing and then know this 79 ofconsumers care about contenttrustworthiness so seek to go deeper ina place of authority when it comes tosearch engine optimization or videosearch engine optimization and then alsofocus on your click-through rates andengagement metrics which would be modernways of what ranking means like onYouTube it's CTR and avd on top thoughof a good title good thumbnail and Iknow I'm throwing a lot at you thesummary of number seven I mean we got ayear of amazing content for you you knowLock and Load to to ride or die with thethink media crew on the podcast but SEOis not just here to stay but it's reallythe SEO Revivaltime codes and chapters on YouTube is awhole opportunity for ranking on thefirst page of Google in regards to keymoments there's a lot of stuff that wecan go deeper on on but I want to giveyou the final points number eightunderstanding audiences the Creator whowins in 2023 understands Their audiencethe best and so here's a couplerecommendations go beyond basicdemographic information it's crucial toknow their interests and hobbies howthey like to shop where they consumemedia the online communities they arepart of the challenges they face and thesocial causes they care about do youknow that stuff about your audience thatmight be worth rewinding this part ofthe podcast and to think about thatagain because uh that's the kind ofinformation that you want to know notjust demographics but psychographicspsychology the Creator who understandsthe viewer best wins and Adobe suggeststhis that empathy and human focusedcontent will win in 2023. so lean intorelatability emotions and empathy that'sthe key to building real connectionswith your followers nearly 95 percent ofconsumers are more loyal to brands thatare transparent and genuine and 75percent would pay more to supportgenuine Brands Adobe found understandyour audience empathize feel what theyfeel think about what are their problemsand their Ambitions and the truth isthis is kind of marketing 101 but as wethink about 2023 trends like this iscrucial now like you can't afford not tobe in tune and into touch with what iskeeping your ideal viewer up at nightwhat are their worries what are theirhopes what are their fears what aretheir problems what are their Ambitionsare you speaking to those problems andthose pain points are you empathizingand relating with where they are whereyou're helping them go on your YouTubechannel huge key to success in 2023number nine e-commerce will continue togrow why is this a big opportunitybecause e-commerce is you as an onlineentrepreneur or who's building a mediacompany this is your opportunity tomonetize whether it's through affiliatemarketing an e-commerce sale needs tohappen which simply means an online salewhether it's you eventually creatingyour own products that'll be e-commercewhether it's you partnering with DTCdirect to Consumer Brands that'se-commerce so for that brand to be ableto afford to pay you they need to havegood sales so if e-commerce is notgrowing we're all in trouble in thecrater economy but it is growing sohere's the stats according to a researchcompleted by emarketer online retailsales will reach 6.51 trillion by 2023with e-commerce websites taking up 22.3percent of total retail sales it mightshock you that the number is that low sothey're saying that maybe by the end ofthe year we're going to hit 22.3 percentof e-commerce when it comes to retailsales but what that means is that reallyfor everybody buying things only two outof 10 are shopping in e-commerce youmight about spit out your coffee andfall out of your chair because you'relike Sean I order everything online whatdo you mean not shopping online at all Imean there's other things I buy but asfar as me being a part of the e-commercegame I'm definitely in the two out often I think what's important to noticeis that 8 out of 10 have not like reallyembraced e-commerce yet but the amountof growth we've been seeing tells usthis two years ago only 17.8 percent ofsales were made from online purchasesand so basically we're seeingdouble-digit e-commerce growth now putthis in perspective I've been doing thisthing since 2010. I've been full-timesince at the end of 2015 I was full-timefreelancing in 2015 full time in 2016.originally just from Amazon affiliatecommissions off of e-commerce sales andit might have been 11 or 12 percent backthen of total e-commerce and I'm makinga full-time living allow around withtens of thousands of other creatorstoday every number is multiplied buthere's the good news we have we're noteven close to seeing the maturity ofe-commerce of video platforms so Seansummarize I got you the good news iswhile it may feel like there's a lot ofcompetition and while it may feel likeit's an uphill battle to grow yourchannel and grow your income thisindustry is just getting started thisnext decade is going to be the bestdecade on YouTube If Only 2 out of 10now by the end of the year are shoppingonline what happens when it's 4 out often double these numbers and yourposition now building your media companybuilding your channel positioning yourbrand putting out good content learningnew skills to be in front of the wave sothe wave of money comes crashing downupon you and you just have more moneythan you know what to do with I'm nottrying to Hype you up I'm trying to giveyou data to just show you that you'restill positioned at the early stages ofan industry the crater economy continuesto grow small businesses only one out offour marketers are embracing influencermarketing so again what happens whenit's two out of four three out of fourand you're not just sitting on thesidelines but you're actually in thegame taking action leveling up yourskills learning and developing andpositioning your brand learning onlinemarketing learning online brandingunderstanding positioning you'repositioned to capitalize on e-commerceself and one of the things that's alsointerested about this is just a moremarketing term is a new term that I Iread about called hybrid CommerceCommerce so what I'm also notinsinuating nor is anybody else is thate-commerce is going to replace in-personCommerce of course there's certainthings we still want to go shop for it'shard to buy candles online because youcan't smell them and so I think that theevolution of the online influencer theonline Creator partner with the brandgetting a brand deal maybe doingaffiliate links someone may beconnecting with your content but doinghaving an in-store experience justsomething as far as a little bit ofpredictions and future casting whathybrid Commerce is talking about isdecreased distinction between online andoffline that's sort of the evolution ofthe space but all of that to saye-commerce continues to explode indifferent nations I know we have aglobal audience here on the think mediapodcast and thank you for being a partof our community from just around theworld and of course not just in Canadaor the US e-commerce is a little bitfurther behind in certain areas andgrowing more I spoke in Panama at aninfluencer conference once and got totalk to people were like man it's stillearly here Brands though are juststarting to kind of wake up to whatwe're doing affiliate marketing is stilldeveloping I think what you can beconfident in is that you can bet on allof that still growing you can bet on allof that being an opportunity that peopleare going to Trend towards what hashappened in the U.S and whether it's oneout of ten shopping in e-commerce thenit's two out of ten three out of tenfour out of ten and you want to go allin now in 2023 so you could bepositioned to ride the wave I've gotnumber 10 for you in just a second weare summarizing the episode number onewe're talking about 2023 YouTube Transitpredictions which one do you like bestwhich one are you going all in on numberone vertical video number two Master theEight Second mindset number three startyour video podcast number four Embraceartificial intelligence number fiveadopt a media company mindset number sixlive streaming is here to stay numberseven join the SEO Revival number eightunderstandaudiences Beyond demographic informationnumber nine e-commerce will continue togrow and we'll do number 10 in just asecond but I do want to encourage you ifyou haven't subscribed to think mediapodcast subscribe and it means the worldif you rate and review the podcast ifyou're on audio uh leaving a review onApple it means the world to us if you'reon YouTube drop a comment of whereyou're watching from and hit like andmaybe share this podcast with somebodywho wants to learn YouTube in 2023starter grow their Channel start asidesite hustle and monetize it becausewe're going to be bringing you the bestcontent we've ever brought you this yearand we're so excited for it but number10 is invest in the skill ofStorytelling in a 2023 world and a lotof experts agree the creators andbusiness owners and entrepreneurs thatwin when it comes to creating contentare going to master the skill ofStorytelling whether it's knowing how totell a story in a YouTube short whetherit's knowing how to tell a story or hookthe viewer's attention and how youstructure a live stream whether it'stying in stories to your or content youmay have heard it said that facts tellbut stories sell sometimes we can be toofeature driven in our content we'retalking about a lot of facts when whatwould really power up our content andmake the connection is telling a storysometimes all we do is communicate factsand information when sometimes you canlose the viewer's attention if you tella story however people connect withstories and if you want someone to domore than just stop by your channel andengage on a surface level but actuallyconnect with you mastering the art ofweaving in stories your storyillustrative stories into your contentwill help power up your content that isa 25 part Series in and of itself butthat was my number 10 and a lot ofexperts agreed on that as well thecontent that understands storytelling isgoing to outperform the content thatdoes it in a2023 worldforeign