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Unlock the Power of Meditation: How to Re-Program Your Mind and Create a New Reality

  • Meditation is key to breaking the negative self-talk, victim mindset, and anxiety
  • Neuroscience explains that our thoughts, choices, behaviors, experiences, feelings and emotions create our personality which creates our personal reality
  • We must become conscious of unconscious habits and modify them in order to create a new life
  • The body and mind are connected so we must observe those states to become conscious of the programs that stand in the way of our future
  • To meditate is to become familiar with those thoughts and maintain a state of consciousness throughout the day.

Unlocking the Power of Visualization: Creating Your Future Through Mindfulness

  • People can use meditation and visualization techniques to help them create their own future
  • By focusing on their future, rather than the memories of the past, they can practice a new way of thinking and living
  • The brain is capable of reorganizing itself to align with what people are visualizing in their minds, which can manifest in physical changes in the body
  • People must stay conscious and keep practicing this process for it to be successful
  • Being mindful of one’s emotions and reactions helps in recognizing when one is slipping back into routine or returning to old patterns
  • Staying connected to the vision of the future is key – by remaining in an uncomfortable state, one can access the unknown.

Unlocking Profound Transcendental Experiences: Catching Ourselves for Self-Correction and Achievement

  • It is essential to catch ourselves when we are acting unconsciously and making decisions that steer us away from our goal
  • Overcoming the old self and becoming somebody else is a victory, and these victories add up
  • To become initiated into the quantum field we need to unlearn thousands of years of programming that things must be changed matter to matter
  • Catching ourselves often requires mental rehearsal, contemplation, closing your eyes and planning our behavior
  • The most valuable moments come when self-correcting, as it leads to profound transcendental experiences where brain patterns reach high coherences and even mystical connections occur
  • Looking back on our past, we should not want to change anything because it has helped us get to this moment.

Experience the Dream, Create Something New: Dont Settle for Predictability

  • If you want to experience a dream or create something new
  • Make sure to enjoy it fully, and if it becomes predictable, move on and evolve
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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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what i want to get into now is thatreally practical aspect of likebreaking that pattern right becausethat's where most of usare we have that negative self-talk wehave the victim mindsetwe have the i'm busy i've got too muchgoing oni am overwhelmed i'm experiencinganxiety it's that person at workit's my partner like we have that that'srealityof where we are today yeah how do webreak that patternin a way that actually makes adifference and is easy enough as astarting pointyeah it's been said that you shouldmeditate for 20 minutes a dayunless you're really busy then youshould meditate for an hour a day yeah ilove thatthat's why by the way that's why imeditate for two hours a day yeahso look i mean um information is whatopens that door i mean[Music]if you think that your thoughts havesomething to do with your futurejust from a theoretical standpoint thatyour thoughtscreate your destiny and you think 60 to70 000thoughts in one day and 90 of thosethoughts are the same thoughts as theday beforewell then your life isn't going tochange very much as long as you'rethinking the same wayand those those same thoughts lead tothe same choices the same choices leadto the same behaviorsthe same behaviors create the exact sameexperiencesand we anticipate the same feelings oremotionsfrom those experiences and thoseemotions are the payoff that drive ourvery same thoughts well our biology ourneurocircuitryneurochemistry our hormones and even ourgene expressionwill be equal to how we think how we actand how we feeland how we think how we act and how wefeel is called our personalityand our personality creates our personalreality that's itso the present personality who'slistening to this showhas created the present personal realitycalled their lifeso if you can latch on to this idea ifyou want to create a new lifea new personal reality you got to changeyour personality which means you betterstartthinking about what you've been thinkingabout and changing it you begin tobecome conscious of your unconsciousactions or habits or behaviors andmodify themand then we have to begin to look at theemotions that we live by every singledaythat are keep us connected to the pastand decide do these emotions belongin our future so most people are tryingto create a new personal realityas the same personality and it doesn'twork you literally have to becomesomeone else so the principalneuroscience says that nerve cells thatfire together wire togetheryou keep thinking the same way makingthe same choices demonstrating the samehabits creating the same experiencesthat stamp the same networks of neuronsinto the same patternsall for the familiar feeling called youand you do that for 10 years on endyou're gonna begin to hardwire certainpatterns in your brain that becomes youridentityand by the time we're 35 years old itkind of becomesfixed right then psychology used to saythat you can't change that butwe now know that you can so then thatkind ofbox in the brain that is the habit ofourselves it's auh we're 95 of the time running a seriesof programs so thensitting and doing the work we have tobecomedisentangled from those programs and sothe moment you decide to do somethingdifferently or make a new choicewhat most people don't want to face isthat discomfortand that that discomfort that thatuncertainty thatlack of predictability the that thatthat unknown is what people are afraidof because they'd ratherlive in guilt at least they can predictwho they're going to be then take achance in possibilityso when a person begins to understandthis and you say wellhow long have you been this way and theysay i've been like this for 35 years andyou saywhy 35 years because 35 years ago i hadthis one eventwell the stronger the emotion you feelfrom reaction from that event the morealtered you feel inside of youthe more the brain narrows its focus andfreezes the imageand takes a snapshot and that's calledthe memory right so thenforget the memory just overcome theemotion because it's the emotion thatkeeps you anchored to the past sothat sounds really good theoreticallybut when you step out into that unknowninto that voidthe body really is in a habit and whathabit is when the body becomes the mindor if you're thinking about that pasteventand it's producing an emotion well youneed animage and a feeling to start theconditioning process so the body'seither conditioned into thefamiliar past or it's hardwired in thepredictable future because it wakes upevery single day and runs through thesame series of routine actionsso the present moment then becomes theunknownwhen people start feeling thatdiscomfort jay they'd rather get ontheir cell phone and call someone orget up and say i can't meditate or youknow i have too much to do they excusethemselves they return back into thatfamiliar feeling becausethe bodies actually telling the brainthehabit is when the body becomes the mindso the body stepping out into theunknown and says oohi'd rather feel guilty i'd rather feelunhappythan be in this discomfort so then atleast then when they return back to thatfamiliar feeling then they feel safe sothey step out in the unknown and thebody starts influencing the mind sayingyou can start tomorrowyou're too busy it's your mother's faultyou know it's your culture's faulti don't have enough money this isn'tgoing to workthose are the programs in there that arestanding in the way between youand your future so then nerve cells thatno longer fire togetherno longer wire together so the act ofobserving those states of mind and bodymeans you're no longer the programyou're the consciousnessobserving that program so so thento meditate it means to become familiarwith so as you become familiar withthose thoughts you become conscious ofhow you speakyou become aware of how you act younotice how you're feelingthe more conscious you become of thoseunconscious programsthe less unconscious you'll go in yourwaking day whybecause it's not enough to just have agreat meditation and get up and get onthe freeway and get in traffic andgetting stressedyou just return back to the old selfagain our job thenis to sustain that modified state ofmind and body the entire dayand if you can get ready becausesomethingdifferent or unusual is going to beginto happen in your life and it will comeas a coincidence or a synchronicityand that's breadcrumbs from the divinesaying you're on the path just keepdoing itthere'll be another one just keepstaying in that energyand so teaching people thento understand that there's a formulathat we nowknow that if you apply that formulayou'll begin to see those changes andnow as people are doing itmore and more effectivelythe results are going up as well we justhad bond university they just took awhole bunchof my brain scans from 10 years agohuge clinical study a lot of analysisandand they're blown away bythe speed in which the community canchangebrain or heart coherence they they knowhow to do it it's notuh something that's that's separate fromthem they've practiced it enough timesthatthey they now know how to do it sowhat's the significance of thatwell really simple in your lifeif you start returning back to the samereactions to the same people andcircumstances you're returning back tothe old self soyou got to stay conscious in your lifeandand if you're not being defined by avision of the futurethen you're left with the memories ofthe past and you will be predictable inyour life socrossing that river of change from theold self to the new selfthere's a neurological a biologicalchemical hormonal a geneticdeath of the old self but if you teachpeople there's something on the othersidethey won't give up on themselves they'llkeep going so there's enough evidenceto encourage people and you can't tellme you're too old to do this workyou can't tell me you're too sick to dothis work you can't tell me you had aturbulent past or or that you're toooverweight or too underweight or too outof shape oryou can't even tell me that you've nevermeditated before in fact some of ourgreatestscans or people who just have nevermeditated before that are not trying todo anything they just followinstructionsso our community now is beginning tounderstand that it is possibleand they go all in not 50 and notsixty percent and we do a week-longevent we got a thousand people orfifteen hundred people and they areall in and that when they start gettingbeyond themselves that first day orsecond dayonce they start getting beyondthemselves and thatmagic starts to happen then i have noidea i can't predictwhat's going to happen next and it'susually pretty pretty exciting it's beensaid thatwhen the pain of staying the sameoutweighsthe pain of change then we will changeyes exactly right how bad does it haveto getyeah exactly and it's like why why is itthat we get soattached to that old self like what isit about is it security is it safety isitfamiliarity as you said is it what isthat that keeps usso attached and so focused on somethingthat we don't even like that much ithink uh i think we've beenhypnotized and conditioned into becomingmaterialistsi think um that we define reality withour senses and i think thatis one of the biggest delusions so thefundamental question is can you believein a futurethat you can't see or experience withyour senses yet but you've thought aboutenough times in your mindthat your brain is literally changed tolook like the event has already occurrednow the latest research in plasticitysays that's absolutely possibleand can you select a new possibility inthe quantum fieldand begin to emotionally embrace thatfuture every single dayto such a degree that your body as theunconscious mindthe objective mind does not know thedifference between the experiencein your life that's creating the emotionand the emotion that you're fabricatingby thought alone to the degreethat you begin to signal new genes andnew waysto change your body to look like theexperience has already happened now yesthe latest research in epigenetics saysit's absolutely possible now think aboutthisevery day installing the circuitryevery day conditioning the body into theemotion of the futurethat your body begins to change to looklike it's already happened now this iswhere it getsfun because now you no longer have to goanywhere to get it now it begins to cometo you you become the vortex or themagnet to your destinyso then people who come out of theirmeditation and they say well i justfocused on my wealth why isn't it therewell you're not that good if you'reasking why isn't it there you're back tothe old person againstay in that state for an extendedperiod of timeas an experiment as the scientist inyour lifeto keep your energy connected to the tothe dream of your futureand then see what kind of effects beginto take placewithout moving into impatiencewithout moving into frustration withoutstarting to analyze why it hasn'thappened or whenthat is the trap of defining realitywith your senses so you have the thoughtof your future and you don't see it thenyou experience separationbut people who are practicing this workthey have the thought of their futureand they feel the emotion of theirfuturethey're still connected to it right sothat takes practiceand it's just learning like hitting agolf ball hitting a tennis balldancing the salsa you know crochetingwhatever it isyou gotta you gotta start out stayingreal conscious and learning then you getgood at it and it gets to beinstrumental it gets to be fun andthat'sthat's what i want for everybody thatthe act of creationshould be of blissful playful ecstaticloosefree process and um and soi love the idea of people taking timeout of their livesto prove to themselves that if they'redefined by the vision of the futurethen they're not living by the memoriesof the past and that's where the unknownexists somany people the unknown is a scary placeso they don't see that futurebecause they're used to seeing thatfuture with evidence with their sensesand you have to be able to get beyondthat and stay in the unknownstay in that discomfort and then in thatmomentto be begin to self-regulate like oh i'mstarting to feel a little anxiety oohi'm starting to feel a littlefrustration that's the defining momentwhere your body's going back to the pastbecause emotions are a record of thepastor you go into routine again so youcatch yourselfit's a victory and if you keep catchingyourselfthose victories add up and it's not somuchabout your wealth or your health or yourfreedom or your new relationshipit's actually about who you become andso overcoming the old selfallows us to become somebody else andthere is thatperiod of transition yeah i call it thevoid where there's just not a lothappeningand you just got to be able to keepgoingand continuously get to the end of yourbeliefwhere most people stop i just had afabulous conversation with someonethis weekend brokethrough to the other side and nowthere's so much magic happening aroundthis personbut she's worthy now to receive it andthat'sthat that is the key because theuniverse only gives us what we thinkwe're worthy of receiving sowe got to become initiated into this andunderstand itthousands of years of programming thatsays thatwe have to change things matter tomatter you know in three-dimensionalreality andit will take time but to begin toconnect to that resource called thequantum field and create from the fieldinstead of from matterthere's a lot of unlearning that has togo on absolutely and when you'recatching yourselfwhat are you doing are you writing thatdown are you noting that down are youmaking a mental note likepractically what is someone having to doto once they catch it then how do youdeal with thatemotion and anxiety in the moment thatfeels so heavy thatfeels so real real and trapping and likeyou said i was just uhi was uh the facebook headquarterquarters in menlo park a couple of weeksagoi was testing out their new oculus rangeof virtual realityand all the studies by virtual realityshow now that you feel the sameexperience of hanging off the edge of acliff in virtual realityand your body displays the same symptomsas they would if you were actuallyhanging off clinton yeahso just showing how imagination doesmirror the other way too through virtualreality buthow that feels so real like our bodygets when you're stepping out off theledge you're doing it as if it's realityand so that anxiety feels so real whatdo you do after catching it what happensto that emotionwell you know just like anything elsejay i mean it's just likein the golf ball you get back into a badhabit again you knowyou have to really begin tomentally rehearse like so you askyourself at the end of your dayi do this every day how'd i do how'd ido today bro how'd you dodid you do good where'd you fall fromgrace what what whatwas it that caused you to go unconsciousfor the rest of the day like what wasthat momentnow if you're a student of lifeyou'll begin to contemplate well it wasthat person that said that thing then ireacted orthis i got this email or things didn'tgo my way and i started feeling angry orfrustrated or fearfulthe next time that happens how could ievolve my experience nowyou may have to search for some answersof the best model to build or you mayactually have a long contemplation andstart to gogod the next time that happens i thinki'm going to do this or i'm going to dothat or i'm going to plan my behaviorsand the act of closing your eyesand rehearsing what you're going to dobegins to install the neurologicalhardware in your brain to look like youalready did itnow the brain is no longer a record ofthe past now it's a map to the futureand if youkeep installing that hardware thehardware will become a software programwhich meansyou'll just start acting like a happyperson why there's no magic thereyou install the circuitry so that'smore important than the news rightit's more important than answering anyemail or any textit's more important than talking aboutyour pastor some dinner if you can begin to justthink about how you're going to do itdifferently that's the building processneurologically already sonow you have to get conscious in orderto do that and it takes some time itmeansyou got to shut your cell phone off yougot to close your door you got to take abreak from everything out thereand begin to practice and so byexperience thenyou start noticing oh here it comes herecomes the frustrationhere comes the fear and now we've givenpeople the tools to be able toself-regulateto create brain and heart coherence andso you see people sayexcuse me one minute i'm just gonna needa minute it takes some breaths they getback in they connect to the energy oftheir future thisis incidental compared to where they'regoingso they don't fall from grace they don'tallow their energy to drop and so yeahin the beginningit takes a lot because it takes a lot ofenergy and awarenessto stay conscious and not go unconsciousbut if you're persistentand you're determined and you're sincereyou begin to figure it outyou begin to say i am not going to givemy power away to that person or thatcircumstance when i can use it to healor to create a new futureand so people then won't excusethemselves and say on a hard dayyesterday i had a fight with myco-worker or my ex orand i don't feel like doing the workwell that's the time to get back on thehorseyeah because because it's the it's allof those times that weself-correct those are the most valuablemoments to us peoplewho've had profoundly transcendentalexperiences where theywe say got lit up they connected andtheir brain goes intovery very high coherent states and supergamma patterns that areway outside of normal and they have atranscendental download orconnection that's mystical they lookback attheir entire life they don't want tochangeone thing in their past because it gotthem to that momentthat's the moment the past no longerexists now by the same meansthey look back at their past and theyseeall those tough moments where theyovercame themselves and they fall inlove with that personthey don't look at the good meditationsor the things that went wellthey look they know that it was thosemoments that got them to this momentand i think then that's when they beginto understand thatthat all of the hard work all the effortin who we become makes no one can takethat away from us so thenonce we arrive at that level and weexperience whatever the dream is orwhatever we createthe next thing is do it until you fullyenjoy it and then when it gets boring orpredictablelet's go again let's do something elseyeah and i think that's evolutionif you want even more videos just likethis oneclick on the boxes over here and if youwant to continueseeing these kinds of stories you cansubscribe by clicking the linkright here