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YouTube Expert Shares How to Get More Views in 2023! | #ThinkPodcast #203

YouTubes Maturity in 2023: Expert Reveals Tips to Stand Out and Succeed

  • YouTube in 2023 is a mature platform with new tools such as live video and transactional based features
  • Derral Eves, an expert on the platform, believes this is the best time to be on YouTube and that it is still possible to stand out
  • One creator achieved 3.4 million subscribers in five months by understanding their audience and making content with value
  • Short form content has become popular but monetization of it is still taking time for ads to buy into
  • YouTube’s history shows they are successful at opening up monetization programs which takes time for cpms to increase.

Maximizing Youtube Monetization and Content Creation Strategies for Creators

  • YouTube brings value to creators by finding advertisers and integrating traditional television money onto YouTube
  • YouTube TV has taken monetization up 10 notches
  • When creating content, establish an audience avatar first then create a content strategy based on what that audience will find valuable
  • Average views per viewer is an important analytics factor
  • Short form video can be repurposed across multiple platforms depending on the niche and the desired audience
  • Platforms have different audiences so it’s important to understand the pulse of each platform to create the most effective content.

Understanding AI and YouTube: The Benefits of Using Technology to Reach Customers

  • YouTube has an AI-run algorithm which can help creators optimize their content
  • YouTube’s AI and algorithm can be used for research, scriptwriting, and/or processing video content
  • YouTube doesn’t have to be the only platform for creators to use as there are other platforms available
  • Creators should first understand their customer avatar demographically and psychographically before deciding which platform to use
  • Using YouTube is beneficial as it is a search engine that can surface content in front of the right viewers
  • A successful example of using YouTube would be Sean who sells used office furniture making 10 million dollars last year without any paid advertising
  • AI technology could be used by creators for several purposes including editing content faster or saving time
  • At the end of the day, quality control must still happen with AI tools so that creators’ authenticity isn’t lost.

5 Tips for YouTube Creators to Get the Most Out of their Channels

  • YouTube playlists can be created by YouTube automatically and included in channels
  • Creators should curate content for viewers and not include too many videos in one playlist
  • YouTube Stories might work well for certain markets, but not as much with others
  • Community tab needs help from YouTube to become better utilized
  • Long form content is underrated
  • Live streaming is way underrated and can help build a strong community.

Revealing the Secrets to YouTube Success: Tips from Matts Off-Road Recovery

  • YouTube Secrets 2nd Edition
  • Understanding the psychology of people to make better content
  • Never Split the Difference and Persuasion are good psychology books to read to understand mindset
  • Predicting what viewers want and setting up an ask before asking can lead to more engagement
  • Matt’s Off-Road Recovery example using a competition for audience development
  • Understanding who you’re making content for, researching communities and videos that perform well, analyzing titles, thumbnails, hooks, production value and comments are key to creating unique content.

Daryl Eves Take on Content Creation: Valuable Content for Your Niche

  • Daryl Eves believes that content creators should take the viewer’s perspective into account when creating content
  • He also advises against outsourcing content creation and encourages people to make valuable content for their niche with research
  • People can follow Daryl at, and he is currently a co-founder of The Chosen, which has reached a half billion viewers across Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and Peacock.

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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YouTube is more crowded than ever is itstill possible to stand out and getnoticed I actually had a phone call witha creator that has 3.4 millionsubscribers got it in five months whatare like the first couple moves ifpeople want to get a head start startinga new channel at the end of the day it'sall about people the better that youunderstand who you're making content forand being passionate about bringing themvalue that's where you can succeed onceI drill down into that I'll come up withmy content strategyhey welcome back to the Fig mediapodcast I'm fired up because we havederral Eves today author of the YouTubeformula and certified YouTube expertwe're gonna be talking about shorts isit too late to start YouTube in 2023what is the latest features and YouTubenews that you need to know what are somestrategies that can help you get aheadbut if you're just me Daryl he is afather of five co-founder of the chosenthe hit TV show founder of vid Summitand all kinds of cool projects Darylhow's it going I'm really excited to behere doing really good fired up to be uhback together insane whenever I'm withyou we could talk video I mean I'm I'mgolden yes yes so I'm fired up to divein let's just kind of kick it off withwhat is your opinion on the state ofYouTube in 2023 and some of the majorchanges one of which is a brand new CEOyeah uh how do you feel about what'shappening on YouTube right now reallystoked with the new CEO I've known nilfor 10 plus years and really one of thesmartest guys in the space and heactually gets the data side so we geekout on the data side all the time but umI believe this is the best time to be onYouTube uh you know it's very mature theplatform is mature and ultimately someof the tools that are gonna be comingout especially with live video andtransactional based type stuff is goingto be very interesting to see how thatunfolds what is your thoughts whenpeople are feeling YouTube is morecrowded than ever is it still possibleto stand out and get noticed you know II think everybody says that every year Ihear the same thing over and over againand so I actually had a phone call witha creator that has 3.4 millionsubscribers got it in five months fivemonths and when you're when you'rereally breaking it down he's about ahalf a billion video views it's like ifthat person can do it now why can'tanyone do it and what's crazy is one ofthe most overcrowded spaces on Minecraftand he was able to do it in a Minecraftspace wow which is crazy yeah so so anew Creator in a short time can start anew channel and still grow right rightno I I do believe it's based on reallyunderstand what good content is likeright from the title the thumbnail andthen really understanding your audiencewhat your value proposition is and sowhen I was looking at his specificChannel I was like man he's really goodout of the gate and you know that he hassome pretty amazing engagement when he'sgetting two three million views uh pervideo release now in a situation likethis kind of brings up the conversationof shorts yeah was this Creator usingshorts not at all um so this this is alllong form you know 42 52 minute videosokay is he wow yeah all right so let'stalk about shorts versus medium lengthversus long phone length what's yourapproach so I think the thing for me isI actually love short form content uhyou know back in the day when I was alot younger I wanted to you know do adsand so I was always thinking short formcontent like how do you really pullsomeone in I think it takes a uniquecraft to really you know capitalize onuh that moment of really sucking theminto the message and so I've been a hugefan I did a consult for Tick Tock I lovethe parent company of tick tock abouteight years ago saw what they were gonnado saw what was happening in China andI'm like this is gonna be pretty big andwe spend quite a bit of time on shortform content and I I like for me I thinkit's just a medium like I think there'sjust different formats for differenttypes of things and it's very verypopular especially with the youngercrowd and I think the older crowd rightnow more Millennial and gen xers aregetting more more watch time thereum I think the thing for me though islike you know I love YouTube andum I think that anyone that finds a wayto bring the money to the creators isgonna win and right now uh YouTube did areally big step which is opening up themonetization program for a lot of theseshort form creators changing even thepolicy of how you can actually beverified and be a partner and a lot ofthat money is happening now here's thething is the money generally when theyopen an upper program uh generally themoney is not good out of the gate theyhave to get advertisers to advertise onthe new system and so you'll startseeing increases of cpms you know overthe over the months and years to comebut at least they made the first stepwhich is hey we're going to share moneywith you instead of just this smalllittle pool of creators that get it yeahwhich is really big it did seem thateven from our test two initial revenuefrom short seemed unimpressive yeah andso your prediction is that it's going totake time to get buy-in for advertisersto come in there and do you think it'llbe the leader in terms of platform thatpays creators in terms of short form areyou talking about platform like versusTick Tock versus yeah so so the thingthe thing that you got to look at isYouTube's history so like that's where Ireally nerd out I've been on YouTubesince 2005 and they repeat history sowhen you go back why YouTube wassuccessful is in 2007 they introducedthe partner program they they put it outyeah very specifically with a fewcreators and then they open it up foreveryone where you could actually bepart of the partner program and even atthat time uh cpms weren't that good butit was better than anybody else like isbasically you know a way to shareRevenue where no other platform wasdoing it at that time and so as thatmaturedum you know you're able to see uh moremonetization opportunities and morebusiness opportunities for creators andnow it's at really a mature level nowthe difference would be is what valueactually YouTube brings the Creator soYouTube goes out and finds theadvertiser and The Advertiser gives theopportunity to advertise on the platformthat's the other side of YouTube thatthey've been cultivating for a very verylong time and what really took it uh Iwould say up 10 notches is when theystarted YouTube TV because they'retaking traditional money that was ontelevision and now starting to integrateit onto YouTube and also hey we got thishuge packet buy where you can buy onlineform you can be on YouTube TV but alsoyou can be on shorts I mean it's a it'sgame over you know and so that's I thinkthat's the the thing that a lot ofpeople don't talk about just sharingrevenue is one thing but it's gettingthe advertisers to want to be a part ofit and actually put their ads on yourvideos and so staying a topic of kind ofshorts versus long form if you were anew Creator what video length is bestshould you embrace all video links or bethoughtful about going extra long closerto an hour 8 to 12 minutes shorts or amix of all especially if you're juststarting yeah so for me I like to take astep back and really try to identify thepotential viewer or I call it the viewerAvatar right of who I want watching myvideos and what value they're going toactually find from the videos and then Iwould actually do a lot of Recon andresearch to see what's out there likewhat what type of content is engagingwith that type of viewer Avatar and thenonce I once I drill down into that I'llcome up with my content strategy andcontent strategy of course it might be amulti-format strategy or it might justbe long form it might be short form itreally depends on the goal that I'mlooking to achieve for me it's just morecan I create value for that potentialviewer that YouTube could say oh my ohmy gosh they liked it they started tobinge watch it there's more people likethem so let's go ahead and serve themyou know more suggested views or getthem on the home page or even ontrending and let's see if we can reallygrow and build this and so for me that'skind of the step that I look at first isThe Who and then I go into the whatbecause the what is what type of contentwould they find valuable and what can Ido repetitively to really engage them ata very very deep level where they'rethey're subscribing for more videosthey're they're wanting to Deep diveinto it and I think one of the analyticsthat most content creators Overlook isthe average view per viewer I I likelook look at that data point like a hopit's like if I can get people coming inand really binge watching really goingthrough the process of finding so muchvalue that the watch three or four orfive videos within it in a given youknow 28 days or seven days or whateverit may be then I know I found somethingthat that can be replicated and then twoYouTube looks at the data says oh mygosh the people are coming on and it's aliterally fulfilling with the twoobjectives that YouTube has which isreally simple is like predict what theviewer wants to watch so okay if theywatch the content and then keeping onthe platform longer and so if they'rekeeping on the platform longer andyou're the Creator that's doing thatit's like they're watching and bingewatching and binge watching uh YouTube'sgonna see oh here's a pattern ofbehavior there's other people patternbehaviors like this let's serve yourcontent out to more people and that'sactually how you grow really really faston YouTube gotcha and So speaking ofshort form video if you are creatingvertical video what is your opinion onthen Distributing it across multipleplatforms reels right now Tick Tockright now and the opportunity there yesso for me there's two approaches onceagain is the who like who's who'swatching it and then and then the whatso when I come back to the what iswhere's the value proposition now I'veseen repurposed content across allplatforms and some niches work reallywell like doing podcast interviews workreally well across you know saturatingacross every platform because the valueis in that quick little message are yougonna go viral with those I don'tnecessarily see getting hundreds ofmillions of video views but you actuallyget the right type of view that you'relooking for and it can cultivate yourbrand and it'll put across all thedifferent platforms but for me it's likewho's watching it so if I have a youngeruh you know maybe a gen Zer that reallyreally engages with entertainment typecontent it probably wouldn't work aswell I think it'd be hey what is theplatform specific because like on TickTock there are Trends having on TickTock that don't happen on on YouTubethat don't happen on IG and the two alot of of of audiences shift betweenaudiences so now let me let me use thisas a clarifier because everyone thinksoh my audience is everywhere and I don'tnecessarily agree with that I think youraudience is a cultivated per platformand they actually are different I wasout with Mr Beast once and this is thecraziest thing ever he goes hey you'rethat guy from Facebook and he's like ohmy gosh wow I like literally sucked downto a level that I never wanted to be butit's true this like people watch wherethey're at but it's a totally differentdemographic and you need to keep that inmind so to answer your question I reallydo think it depends on the audienceyou're trying to hit and and looking atit okay is there an opportunity toleverage it that way or is it better tobe uh hyper focused and for me I'llalways be more cautious to be hyperfocused because I think once youunderstand the pulse of the audience onthe platform I think you can predictwhat they want at a more consistent ratethan just kind of blasting it out therefor everyone and just kind of be hit ormiss on on the value proposition as abusiness owner that wants to get leadsclients in sales and maybe is more of aservice provider maybe you're in realestate or a loan officer or you're acoach consultant what platforms wouldyou be focusing on would you be myopicon YouTube or would you take advantageof some of these other platforms to getleads strike sales so I I think it'slike once again take a step back andreally look at your customer Avatar andsay okay what are some commonalities Iactually have and get to know basicallydemographically where they're atpsychographically what their day lookslike what they do online what they dooffline really get that down there arecertain uh platforms that respond moreto it and it's actually easier to shareit's easier to engage and so I like tolook at that specifically first howeverthat being said uh nine times out of tenI'll do it on YouTube and the reason whyis because all the other platforms arefeed driven systems YouTube is a searchand and find right so I mean theybasically uh the algorithm looks veryspecifically to predict what the viewerwants and so YouTube's always surfacingyour content in front of the rightviewer and so that's why I love thatespecially for coaches and speakers andauthors and entrepreneurs I love it uhone of one of my students uh that doesused office furniture Sean like that'sthat's his that's his Jam yeah right hebuys used office Furnitures resells fixit UPS and resell it and you're thinkingokay you know where are you gonna do itand a lot of people would do ads andthey'd look very specific they'd shootcheap things going on FacebookMarketplace and so on and so forth hedid over 10 million dollars last yearand the only only place that he actuallydoes anything is on YouTube YouTubeactually found his audience people arelooking for a great review and he doessome really uh great content but what'scrazy is you know you got hundreds ofthousands of dollars of YouTube payinghim to post content about his usedfurniture and then he was able to notonly scale out to one warehouse butmultiple warehouses now wow just basedon the demand so so it's also theopportunity whereas kind of CoreBusiness was to use office furniture butyou're saying multiple six figures inYouTube ad revenue is generously I meanextra income stream a significant one aswell most people spend that foradvertising and yet YouTube's paying himand he doesn't do any money foradvertising it so it's so great manthat's super uh powerful when it comesto the future of YouTube and thingscreators should be focusing on a HotTopic right now is AI yeah what do youthink the opportunity is for creatorsusing something like chat GPT how couldthey use something like that to gofaster improve their YouTube content orsave time so I think there's differentstages and I like I am Pro technology Ilove technology I'm a futurist I lovethings that are happening that will takeus and Elevate the world to the nextlevel I do think AI actually can changethe community of any Community uh in apositive way if it's used for positivethings just to give you an example of ofhow AIS transform YouTube YouTube was uhin in 2012 an algorithm based system andin 2000 the end of 2012 they did anexperiment where they brought an AI totry to control everything and thatliterally transformed my life and I KnowIt transformed your life because nowYouTube is what it is because it's runoff artificial intelligence and it'sreally really powerful so for me I wantto take every advantage of uh thesetools but I think you got to know whatthe tools are and what they're not ifit's the end-all replacement for you Idon't think that that's a very smartthing to do but if it's a tool toenhance your research or to enhance yourscript writing or to enhance the waythat you're processing things is greatbut at the end of the day you've got toget it right and you can come up withall these ideas and you can come up withprompts that that the AI will actuallyhelp you assist you but I still thinkthat you need to go through and do somequality control and say is this reallygood for my audience do I need toenhance it here you you as a Creatorneed to create and the moment that youput that into somebody else's uhresponsibility regardless if it's a toolor or a personum the passion's gone and then two Idon't believe that you're actually goingto be talking authentically uh to youraudience are you ready to start or growyour YouTube channel do you feel stuckand need help connecting the dots jointhis free web class where you'll learnthe step-by-step playbook for YouTubesuccess we've helped thousands ofpurpose-driven entrepreneurs just likeyou grow their influence with videoregister today for this exclusivetraining at think masterclass dot comyeah so that's powerful so you just youjust can't there's really no shortcutsto learning viewer psychology becoming abetter marketer in terms ofunderstanding positioning of a videohaving authentic passion and not justbeing a robot and AI might just reallyreduce also quality for channels thatonly lean on it there'll be a lot ofgarbage and so those that are superpassionate create their unique voiceThey're Gonna Stand Out do you agree I I100 agree with that I think uh humansconnect with humans and um I do believethat uh for you to to be better preppedI think AI tools can be great for thatand I think even in the future AIthere's some some projects going onright now that's going to help withediting and and get the best optimalthings so I think it's going to decreasethe uh the the amount of time in theworkflow and increase productivity butto see it out absolutely uh eraseeverything I just don't see thathappening here in the near futureYouTube 2023 overrated underrated somedifferent YouTube features and your takeon the on these playlists YouTubeplaylist so like the playlist itselfyeah way back when are they overratedunderrated should people be using themokay so okay so that's a loaded questionfor me because I know how YouTubeoperates so I'm Pro playlist but I lovewhen the okay so then let me let me takea step back because I like everyoneneeds to understand what goes on soevery traffic source is controlled byits own algorithm and the algorithmactually has a goal that it needs toachieve and every algorithm has multipleBots to achieve what they're looking todo one of one of the things that they dois they'll curate playlists like likethe AI will actually curate playliststhrough Bots and and review so like ifyou go look in traffic sources and yousee oh playlist is bringing the views orI got views coming from this playlistgenerally nine times out of ten thisplaylist that you never even created butYouTube created automatically and thensecondary uh YouTube actually createschannels too that that are attached toplaylists now they'll include yourvideos in the playlist they'll curate itin a way that that people are engagingwith it that they see oh this audienceengages with it this way so let's goahead and automatically create theseplaylists and so 100 I I love playlistswhen YouTube does it and then I love itwhen creators curate content for theirviewer they say hey maybe there's threeor four videos that work really reallywell in this order that my audiencewould love and they they promote itorganically they're they're you knowtalking about it in the video but anyonethat puts like more than four videos ina playlist I think it's insane uh justbecause when I see like at the end of avideo like oh here's a playlist with 165videos I'm like hey watching that rightlike why would I want to watch that gotit but maybe three maybe four you knowdepending on the size of the of the ofthe videos so a lot of people areprobably using them wrong I would saythat they have good intentions butthey're wasting their time becausethey're not using it correctly yesoverrated underrated YouTube storiesonce again it depends on the who like II get really specific I think it worksreally well with certain type of marketsit's really bad with others it justreally depends on the who I would saynot the biggest fan of stories I thinkit's just like everyone came out withstories you know and they're reallytrying to Captivate I would rather do ashort than a story any day overratedunderrated YouTube Community tab okaycommunities have needs so much help butit needs so much help I think it's uhdefinitely overrated it can still beused uh to pull content out like one ofthe features I love is if I'm trying toreally understand my audience better isjust do these small little micro quizzesyeah you know surveys it helps me withthe data there but I I can think of atleast 50 different things I could dowith that to make it a lot more betterdo you think YouTube will be continuallymaking Community tabum I think they're at the crossroadsright now of you know trying tounderstand what their platform is whatit's not I think as platforms mature Ithink they're going to be moreaggressively of how to make creatorsmore money uh nil the new CEO has likebeen obsessed with that because he goeshey if we make them more money we makemore money let's figure out the best wayand really pull out any obstacles and soI think it's going to be moretransactional based and you're going tosee a lot more membership features solike I think Community tab can beamazing if one of the tab is reallywhere they can post uh more like coursesor membership uh differently than justin the feed for everyone overratedunderratedsuper long form content on YouTube someof my friends like Lewis Howes and EvanCarmichael are doing two three hour longvideos yep and good and just crushingwhat do you think uh once again I thinkit comes back down to who's watching itI mean I listened to three hour podcastquite a bit Yeah and sometimes watch ityou know so it's just like it depends onthat factor but I can tell you thisYouTube back in November brought out areport on podcasts it is the number onepodcast a platform in the world it ithands down beats Spotify like almostthree to one you know and and so justsaying that those are only two minutethree minute videos I don't think that'snecessarily correct I think it's uhthere's a huge opportunity for long formand then two um I think it's reallyimportant for people to reallyunderstand where the value is thatthey're bringing the viewer andsometimes it is these interviews thatare going to take longer than just youknow 12 minutes or whatever overrated orunderrated live streaming live streamslike way underrated it's like the thebest I've been more excited about livestreams than anything else on YouTubewhy is that just is it's a way toelevate your brand to a level ofauthenticity there's a differencebetween a perfect polished video thatyou put out for everyone but when you golive you know I I it's just crazy howyou can connect even deeper with youraudience and there's a sense ofcommunityum let me just give you a perfectexample one of my students she was readyto give up on YouTube like literallyready to give up on YouTube and I'm likewhy are you gonna give up on YouTubelike this is pretty lucrative for you Ican see how much money you're making shegoes well I hate what I do and what shewas doing is lagging videos she would dolegging review videos like any leggingsthat you can possibly go I go the way Isee it is your your channel is morefashion and you're only working on thisone little thing that you're getting amixed audience you're getting both maleand female because guys like looking atgirls and leggings whatever it is okayyou're not doing it right but I says ifyou really gear towards you know thefemale like a teenage female that reallyloves fashion and what they're into youcan really it you know explode and so asshe was able to shift her strategy tothat and was doing more relevant thingsjust in the fashion space she wasgetting like 20x more more views it'sjust like it's just so engaging now oneof the biggest thing of connection ispeople will love your videos but if youcan jump on live and interact uh withthem it goes even deeper and so once amonth she jumps on with her um with herfans and answers questions opens up goesdoes a little tour type stuff it's it'snot the perfect polished uh videos oranything like that but um and and twothey're not getting as many views per sebut the the I would say the communityhas grown grown so tight because of thatthey're anticipating the next video theycare about what she's doing they can'twait for the the next live stream youknow and it's a great way to to giveback to I think it's to acknowledge thatthe people that brought you there one ofthe books everybody watching should readis your book YouTube formula I knowyou're also a learner though what aresome things maybe that you think areessential reading or audiobook listensfor people that want to develop YouTubeSecrets right second edition there yougo I know and uh but in terms of maybedeveloping the marketing mind or maybesome interesting things that peoplewouldn't expect that maybe you've lovedthat's helped you become a betterCreator yeah I'm I'm obsessed withlearningum I think you know understanding thepsychology of people will help you makebetter content you know predict whatthey're what they're looking at there'sa list of books that I can give you Ithink the biggest thing would be neversplit the difference isum probably one of the best psychologybooks I've read that helps youunderstand mindset and how toum you know really get people toconsider certain things and to takeaction in certain things the secondthing is persuasion and I thinkPersuasions are really solid book onunderstanding how to set up the the askbefore asking about it I know these aremore sales related books yeah but isn'tyou know video content really sellscontent and totally it's really keepingthem hooking them in and reallyunderstanding how to how to predict itone thing about persuasion that we foundis there's techniques that that we usein audience development that kind ofpeppers in curiosity that leads to youknow more engagement and then also it'smore audience development in a waythat's like hyper focused let me giveyou a perfect example one of thechannels that we own is Matt's off-roadrecovery it's as my partner does theseoutdoor recoveries you know in his Jeepyou know helping people get out getstuck or what get unstuck or whateverit's also we build our our Fleet sowe're building our Fleet or whatever sohe decided to build the world's largestum off-road wrecker okay and and so ashe's building it he's he's saying youknow maybe I was thinking about doing acompetition what do you guys think youknow just engaging with the viewer andthey're yeah you should do it and likewho who you know these are the thecreators who should be a part of it wellwe just did the biggest outdoor event inUtah wow just just the biggest doorevent in Utah yeah and and it was ourevent we we basically persuaded peoplethat we were putting this on were thebigger biggest YouTubers that have theseWreckers are coming and competing and uhit was amazing it was like literallyamazing and it was all done because thecommunity wanted it number one numbertwo it was a persuasion technique tohelp them because we were going to do itanyway we were kind of like plantingseeds to get back to ramp up to itexactly got it and so they're more aptto you know take four days off theirtheir life to come watch you knowoutdoor Vehicles Rock call and yeah todo these recoveries in some pretty uhcrazy areas that's awesome finalquestion so it can feel overwhelming tostart a YouTube channelum there's so much to learn and know youand I have been hanging out at eventslike VidCon you've been on since first channel I ever started was froma church in 2007. so it's funny becausewhat have you been on YouTube 18 yearsyeah yeah is that I mean from thebeginning yep and so you know a lot ofthe stuff comes natural to you butthere's so much solar there's so manydetails in the algorithm and the wholething could be overwhelming and ifsomeone's listening to this podcastthey're they're plugged in they'relearning but yet it still can feeloverwhelming there's a lot ofcompetition what are are like the firstcouple moves if people want to get ahead start starting a new channel thatmaybe most people wouldn't think aboutyeah it's all about people like at theend of the day it's all about people thebetter that you understand who you'remaking content for and and beingpassionate about bringing them valuethat's where you can succeed I think alot of people are looking oh I'm goingto do this because it has a whole bunchof views or it makes a whole bunch ofmoney and like is that the best thingfor you really you know it's justlooking at what you're passionate aboutand then is there an audience thatactually exists online which nine timesout of ten it does you know it just itit basically does and can you providevalue to that audience and I think ifyou do that I think you can succeed andso uh my quick tips is to reallyunderstand who you're making content foruh do Recon and research to see you knoware there communities on YouTube arethere communities on these other socialplatforms out there what are the videosthat are really performing you know thathave a whole bunch of views and last sixmonths I really look at really highviews low subscribers that just tells methe topic is really good or there'ssomething in that video that's reallyengaging I like to curate uh outside ofmy own vacuum chamber what channels andvideos are performing really well andthen I like to analyze like why do theychoose this title why do they use thisthumbnail what are the patterns of thehook are the hook the same what type ofvideo are they shooting is it raw isauthentic is it multiple camera you knowwhere's where's the production on it andthen I try to really look through a lotof the comments to see where the like asmall subset of viewers you know beingengaged so much that they take time toactually leave a comment and I want tosee hey is this really hitting oh at thesame value proposition if I ever see aTime code I'm like okay that's cold forme because something really touched themenough to time code it a Time code fromsomeone else leaving a comment exactlyexactly and so for me I'm looking at allthose things and then I and then I takea step back and say okay if I'm creatingcontent here's all these ideas is thatwork in the last six months around thesame vein can I create content in in aunique way and what's my unique valueproposition what's going to make mestand out above every everybody elselike because if you're going to justre-hash everything else and you're notbringing your own uh God you know givenyou know gift that God gives everyonethat that individuality of your contentthen I think you're going to miss outand I think a lot of people uh miss outbecause they either try to say oh I'mgoing to create content and they don'teven think of the viewer they justcreate content and they don't reallylook at it through the vein of someonewatching it and I think that's a hugemistake and then two I do believe that alot of people look to Outsource tosomeone and say okay go ahead and dothat and I think that's a big mistaketoo I think you just need to see hey I'mpassionate about this this is what I'mgonna do and I've done my research nowI'm going to actually grow by making themost valuable content for this specificNiche derral Eves bringing the fire andof course check out the show notes forall the list of the books and resourcesas well as what do you want to shout outwe'll link everything up in the shownotes how can people follow you what areyou working on right now pretty much just my wholelife right there like everything I do Ithink the big thing for me is I actuallyuh like you said as co-founder I amco-founder of the chosen we're justgetting ready to start shooting seasonfour so if you haven't seen it it'spretty amazing you can just spend thereach of this project uh half a billionso far half a billion viewers of watchviewers some Amazon Netflix yep some ofthe seasons are on YouTube yeah peacockand peacocks crazy just absolutely wildso the chosen of course you could checkout and then if you go thereyou can find all the all the detailsamazing so check it out of course youcan connect with Daryl we'll link it upin the uh show notes Daryl Eve thank youthey do