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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

My AI “Second Brain” To Make Life Easier

AI Tools Transform YouTube Consultations, My Mind App Collects and Organizes AI Content

  • AI tools are used on a daily basis
  • Chat GPT is used as a YouTube consultant, to consult on the types of videos that do well, don’t do well and what the user enjoys creating
  • My Mind is a tool used to collect and organize AI related web content including tweets, YouTube videos and blogs
  • My Mind also organizes content using tags and allows users to add notes and create spaces for frequent searches.

AI Claude Soars with Update, Analyzing Large Texts in a Minute

  • Anthropic recently released an update for their AI Claude, allowing it to analyze data from large texts in less than a minute
  • The update expands the context window from 9,000 to 100,000 tokens
  • Businesses can now submit hundreds of pages of materials for Claude to analyze quickly and efficiently.

A Revolution in AI: Anthropics Claude Model Uses Complex Analysis to Benefit Businesses

  • Anthropic has created a new model called Claude that can understand and analyze up to 100,000 tokens
  • Businesses can use this model to comprehend, summarize and elucidate dense documents, evaluate strategic risks and possibilities for a company based on its yearly report or recognize risks thems and arguments across legal documents
  • Tools such as perplexity Chrome Extension or Recast can help with summarizing articles and scanning PDFs respectively.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Stay Connected and Informed

  • AI tools have made the narrator more curious and less lazy
  • Texts combines all messaging platforms into one tool to stay organized
  • AI tools can help people better understand complex topics
  • Recast and Chat PDF use AI to help better understand research papers and articles
  • Feedly helps stay in the loop with artificial intelligence news.

Unlock the Potential of AI and New Technology with Free Newsletter

  • AI and new technology can be used for a variety of purposes
  • GPT is available to provide advice and keep conversations going
  • provides up-to-date news and tools for AI to make money with
  • The free newsletter features five cool tools, videos, and one cool way to make money with AI every Friday
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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness
  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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the two most common questions that I geton literally a daily basis is one how doyou keep your finger on the pulse ofeverything that's going on in Ai and twowhat are the actual AI tools that youuse yourself on a daily basis becauseadmittedly although I talk about tonsand tons of AI tools and I show them offin these videos and I highlight them allon Future tools and I mention them in mynewsletter there really is only ahandful that I use on a daily basis ifyou look on Twitter or Discord I'mconstantly getting comments from peopleasking do you ever sleep I think theperception is that I'm actually puttingway more time into all of this than inreality I actually am because I do leanon a lot of really cool tools and a lotof really cool resources that make mylife a lot easier and so I'm gonna breakdown in this video how I use Ai andvarious tools and various resources toessentially be my second brain keep mein the loop and keep me tapped in withall the news now the first tool that Iuse on literally a daily basis is chatGPT I am in chat G pet all of the timeyou can see over in my chat history onthe left I have a lot of conversationsgoing at any given time one thing I'veeven started using chat GPT for is to bemy personal YouTube consultant I gave itthis original prompt I have a YouTubechannel and you are my YouTube MentorI'm going to tell you about the types ofvideos that do well the types that don'tdo well and what I enjoy creating I'malso going to share some struggles I'mhaving I want you to give advice andmake recommendations for me based on theinformation that I give you around mybest course of action with the channelGPT then went and asked me somequestions it said tell me the types ofvideos that do well on your channel thetypes of videos that don't do well onyour channel what you enjoy creating thestruggles you're currently having withyour channel I gave it some additionalcontext and it gave me a whole plan ofaction for YouTube I then said can youask me even more questions about myYouTube channel to help you create evenmore tailored advice so I'd askquestions about my target audience myvideo length my audience interactionmonetization strategy competitoranalysis growth strategy videoproduction I answered all of itsquestions here and then it gave me evenmore detailed advice and optimizationstrategies for my channel in fact it waschat GPT that told me to reduce myposting frequency down to about threevideos per week when previously I wasdoing between five and six a week whenI'm struggling with a video idea I comeinto this chat window that has all thisadditional context that I've fed it inthe past and I say hey I'm strugglingwith a video idea today what videoshould I make and it'll give mesuggestions things like Ai and everydaylife surprising examples and then itgives me feedback on how to actuallycreate the video so when it comes todaily tools chat GPT is definitely onethat I am constantly using now the nexttool that I use every single day withoutfail is called my mind and it kind oflooks like a giant Pinterest board butit's just anything that I find that'sinteresting around the web now my mymind is mostly full of AI stuff that Icome across so cool AI tweets cool AIYouTube videos various GitHub Hubrepositories that have interestingprojects on them blogs news articlesthings like that but it's pretty muchpurely anything that I come acrossrelated to AI lands in my mind nowwhat's cool and where the AI lies in mymind isn't necessarily that it's just agiant listing of all of the cool stuffthat I came across but it's that itactually organizes everything andautomatically tags everything so forexample let's say I'm about to make avideo about mid-journey and I want tofind all of the stuff that I've recentlyrounded up about mid-journey I can comeup to search my mind here type midjourney and it's going to bring up allof the content I found aroundmid-journey recently including tweetsYouTube videos websites and anythingelse that I've come across recently if Iwant to make a video about stablediffusion I can type in stable diffusionand it will bring up all of the thingsthat I've saved recently that arerelated to stable diffusion maybe I'mgonna make a video about AI music I cantype AI music and it's going to huntdown everything I've saved recentlyaround AI music got tools here likemusic LM from Google I've got tweetshere like this one from Roberto Nixonwho found YouTube videos like this onefrom Nerdy rodent here about singing inany language and it just rounds upanything that I've saved from music ifthere's searches that you search oftenlike I search mid-journey often I canactually save this is what they call aspace and you can see it's called asmart space here and it's just anautomatic search for anything related toMid Journey if I saved a whole bunch ofnews I could come up here and type newsand it'll pull up all of the news thatI've recently saved and this is all fromthe my mind tool doing this automatictagging behind the scenes to help youfigure out the context of anything yousaved now you can add your own tags tothings like if I come up to this tool Ican click add tags and give it someadditional context if I want which willhelp the search and I can add additionalnotes to this maybe I'm going to make avideo about it and I want to add somenotes about what this video is going tobe about I can do that and add extracontext here but my favorite great thingto do is just dump things into this andthen search them later so I just cameacross this YouTube video on Twitter ofJordan Peterson interviewing Brianromley about Ai and I want to watch thisinterview later I don't have time towatch it now but I want to remember thatI want to watch it later now I couldjust go to YouTube and add it to mywatch later but I tend to throw a lot ofthings in there and just forget to watchthem however I am inside of my mindevery single day and I rarely forget towatch the stuff that I plug into here sowhat I'll do is I'll come up to thislittle plus button this is my my mindChrome extension I click this and itsays save to your mind now if I clickback over to my mind you can see it'staking a screenshot of the video rightnow and there it is I have it saved tomy mind and I will come back to it laterhere's a tweet thread that I came acrossfrom my buddy Linus about how to makesimple images in mid-journey I don'thave time to read it right now becausewell I'm recording a video and I do wantto come back and read this thread laterso I can come up here press my plusbutton and now it's saved in my mind ifI come over to my mind you can see it'ssaving it for me and now if I search formid-journey up here you can see thatthis tweet that Linus did is now in mylist of mid-journey related items sothat's my mind and I use it constantlythis also has a mobile app so if you'rebrowsing Twitter or YouTube from yourphone you can automatically save it fromthe app as well if I'm standing in linesomewhere browsing Twitter and I want toread an article or watch a YouTube videolater I save it to my mind if I'm in themiddle of recording a video and I comeacross something interesting that I wantto reread later I save it to my mind ifsomebody shares a cool tool or coolvideo inside of the Future tools Discordand I want to revisit later I save it tomy mind this is just where I dumpeverything AI related and I have thistab open pretty much all day every dayand I'm clicking back and forth betweenit to remember what I wanted to look atbut also this is where I get inspirationfor videos if I'm trying to figure outwhat video I want to make today I juststart scrolling through my mind andlooking at all of the stuff that I savedI created my own custom tag calledarchived so for example this huggingface transfer formers I already made avideo about it so I tagged it with madevideo and archive here and if I want tosort it down to just the stuff that'snot archived I created a custom spacehere that hides all of the stuff that Iput the archive tag on it so now it'sonly showing the stuff that I haven'tmade videos about yet now the next AItool that I use every single day andthis helps me really keep my finger onthe pulse of the latest news in Tech isI use Feedly and Feedly has their own AIthat they call Feedly Leo and thisbasically searches the web for topicsthat you give it and then bring it intoa news feed of all of that news for youfor example I have an AI web alert hereif I click refine you can see how it'sset up track specific companies productsand topics across the web so it'swatching for these topics artificialintelligence machine learning deeplearning generative art and gpt3 andproduct launches so it has to be one ofthese and a product launch and you cansee it found news that features one ofthese topics and and a product launchalphabet's intrinsic launches Flow Statea robotic app development platform IBMlaunches Watson X Paving a path tofaster Enterprise AI adoption Nikereveals 3D printed shoes with AI EtcI've got this one that's called futureof work all the same topics hereartificial intelligence machine learningdeep learning GPT gpt3 natural languageprocessing so it's got to have one ofthose keywords in it plus future of workyou can see some of the Articles itfound the disappearing white collar jobon slash dot defining industryresponsibility for AI based technologyon Venture beat get AI help warehousesreduce the impact of Labor shortages onall things supply chain so these arewebsites that I would never normallyvisit never normally subscribe to an RSSfeed but because I'm using this AIFeedly Leo tool it's searching prettymuch every website it can for anythingrelated to these topics I'm looking forthe third one I have in here same topicsAI machine learning deep learningnatural language processing andtutorials and then I just have this allfeed here which is pretty much all ofthese AI feeds plus the big Tech blogsthat I like to follow so I follow meta'sBlog the official Google Blog nvidia'sblog open ai's blog and the officialMicrosoft blog any blog post that any ofthese companies release I see it in myfeed on new sites I've got TechCrunch inThe Verge so any AI related posts inthese feeds I see in my main feed andthen again anything that the Feedly AIbrings up and you can see just today itfound 348 articles and I can skimthrough them and keep my finger on thepulse of the news and when I go toupdate Future tools and you see thissuper up-to-date AI news page herethat's usually because it popped up inmy Feedly news feed here and I shared itto my website now reading all thesearticles sounds like a fairly dauntingtask so I have some automations to helpme with that as well in fact this is oneof the newer ones that I've startedplaying with it's called recast you canfind it at let's and this is atool tool that will read blog posts andthen play them back for you as if it waslike a conversational podcast so thebest way to show this off is just togive an example of it so here's theanthropic article from the other dayabout how they've extended their contextwindow to a hundred thousand tokenshere's the whole article it's a fairlyshort article to begin with but I wantedto use a short article so that the recapwould also be kind of short I can comeup to this little button up here forrecast click recast it and when I clickthat it opens up a page like this thatturned a four minute read into atwo-minute conversation and it'sactually only a minute 44. so let's goahead and listen back to how thisconversation sounds this is a recast ofthe 300 word piece introducing 100Kcontext windows from woo this article introduces anew tool that can analyze and retrievedata from large texts in less than aminute let's listen in recentlyanthropic has released an update totheir AI Claude the update expands thecontext window from nine thousand to onehundred thousand tokens this means thatbusinesses can now submit hundreds ofpages of materials for Claude to analyzeamazing so this update allows Claude toread and analyze large quantities oftext with a fraction of the time itwould take a human that's right forexample anthropic loaded the entire textof The Great Gatsby into Claude instantand it correctly identified a modifiedline in 22 seconds impressive so whatare some of the applications for thisupdate with one hundred thousand contextWindows businesses can comprehendsummarize and elucidate dense documentssuch as financial statements or researchpapers they can also evaluate strategicrisks and possibilities for a companybased on its yearly report furthermorethey can evaluate the advantages anddisadvantages of a piece of legislationrecognize risks themes and argumentsacross legal documents read throughhundreds of pages of developerdocumentation and surface answers totechnical questions that's incrediblethat's it for today so you can hear thatthey made it it sound like a podcastwhere they were asking somebodyquestions and there was multiple voicesin there and it just made it moreengaging and interesting to listen toand all of that content was just foundin this blog post here they just hadsomething like the chat GPT API go andreword it as a conversational soundingpodcast now another tool that I like touse to help me summarize articles is Ilike to use the perplexity Chromeextension as well where you can searchthe entire internet this domain or thispage so for example I can search justthis page and say explain this articlelike I'm five and there we go anthropica company that works on artificialintelligence has made a new model calledClaude that can understand and analyzeup to 100 000 words at once it's nottotally true it's a hundred thousandtokens the model can use thisinformation to have long conversationsand understand complex things so I douse this perplexity tool a lot in fact Ilove using it on the Future toolswebsite I've actually demoed this in apast video you can come to and actually ask it aboutspecific tools for your own use cases soif I open the perplexity app on thissite and then click on this domain Icould type something like what are someAI tools I can use to create 3D imagesit's searching just this domain thereare several AI tools that can be used tocreate 3D images 3dfi dot AI if I clickthis little one here you can see itopens up 3dfi dot AI on Future toolskdim is an AI powered tool that enablesusers to generate high definition 3Dmodels from 2D images in minutes if Iclick the citation here you can see itopens up kdem here on Future tools 3DPresto snow pixel it shows you all thevarious tools right here that can helpyou create 3D images edit search Justthe Future tools domain so if you don'twant to use this search engine you wantto actually use natural language to findsomething specific that you're lookingfor you can just ask the questionstraight into perplexity and it'll helpyou find it on the site I actuallysearch my own site using this perplexitytool but eventually I want to build thiskind of tool directly into Future toolsbut for now perplexity does a reallygood job at it now one thing recastdoesn't do well and perplexity doesn'tdo well is read PDFs for example I liketo go to and find all thelatest research papers and read up onthem for example here's a universalSource separation with weekly labeleddata you can see it took a input and itseparated animal sounds human soundsmusicEtc it was able to separate out all thevarious audio files well I want to learna little bit more about this paper so ifI view the PDF you can see it's a 16page PDF here that explains how thisworks well if I try to read it inperplexity and I say this page and I saywhat is this PDF about it says thesearch results do not provide a clearanswer to what this PDF is about soperplexity can't read this PDF if I tryto use let's recast I can click on let'srecast here and click recast it I getthis email that says your submission torecast from can't beprocessed we detected as a PDF filewhich is not something we currentlyconvert to a recast thanks for yourunderstanding so neither of those toolscan do anything with this PDF now forPDFs I used to like to go to but they recently changed thepricing where they now limit how muchyou can do for free before you were ableto enter your API key and it didn't seemto limit it much but now they have youknow monthly fees and limits on what youcan do and I've essentially stoppedusing this one as much now and eversince it stopped allowing me to use myown API key it seems to actually be alot more buggy it doesn't actually giveme responses and the PDFs seem to failto upload more often and I don't knowthey just seem to change a bunch and Ihate to say it but they kind of made itworse I tend to use chat PDF instead Ilike that I can just upload it straightfrom a URL so I can grab this PDF URLhere on jump into chat PDFimport from URL paste the URL in and saygo get it so it read the PDF and it gaveme some example question here but Ialways like to ask this one first whatdoes this research aim to achieveexplain it like I'm a five-year-old andit says this research is about teachingcomputers to listen to sounds andseparate them into different parts forexample if you hear a song with manyinstruments playing at the same time thecomputer can learn to separate eachinstrument sound so that you can hearthem separately this is importantbecause it helps us understand andanalyze sounds better so now I have avery very basic overview of what thisPDF does and I can dive in and ask itmore questions to better learn what thisPDF and this research is so when I makevideos about here's the latest researchhere's the latest technology that'scoming out I usually go through thisprocess read the research paper throughsomething like chat PDF to get a betteridea of it and by the end of having aconversation with it I'll have a muchbetter idea of the explanation of howthis research paper works so these arereally the tools that I'm using to sortof Outsource my brain to Ai and now Iknow there's going to be a lot ofcriticism I'm already expecting it wherepeople are going to say oh if you'reOutsourcing your brain to AI it's justgoing to make people dumber and they'renot going to have to think as much andthey're not going to have to read asmuch I've found exactly the opposite tobe true personally since AI has enteredmy life and tools like these haveentered my life I've become 10 timesmore Curious I go through so much morecontent I read a ton more researchpapers all of this is done is made me godeeper down these rabbit holes and learnabout more things it's given me theability to access more tools moreresearch and better understand them whenthe wording is over my head I use toolslike this to bring it down to my level alittle bit and better understand it andthen the next time I read complex paperssince I've already brought it down to mylevel a little bit they feel a littlebit less complex later on I found thatthis helps me learn way more it's mademe way less lazy it's made me moreCurious and it's made me want to go downthese rabbit holes even deeper yeah yesit may make some people lazier but Ihighly doubt the types of people thatare watching my YouTube videos on thiskind of tools are the people that thisis going to make lazier if you'rewatching channels like mine you'reprobably the type that's super curiousthat loves this stuff that loves goingdown these rabbit holes that wants touse this technology to be able toconsume more not to be lazier that's mytake on it at least and that's how it'splayed out for me so far now there isone last tool that I want to share withyou it's not an AI tool but it is a toolthat helps me tremendously on myday-to-day processes to not go insanewith all the conversations that I'mtrying to have at any given time andthis tool is called texts and you canfind it over at and it's asingle app just a single tool thatcombines all of these Apple iMessageWhatsApp telegram signal FacebookMessenger Twitter chatgpt InstagramLinkedIn Reddit Google Chat slack andDiscord DMS it brings all of thosethings into a single tool so so all ofyour Communications on all of thevarious chat platforms just use onesingle tool this is what text looks likewhen you're actually using it and thereare so many cool features of this toolso you can see I'm having a conversationhere on Twitter this is a conversationon Discord this is a conversation onWhatsApp Twitter this is a telegramconversation here I could scroll downTwitter conversation Twitterconversation Facebook Messengerconversation Twitter conversationTwitter conversations a Discordconversation so you can see that all ofthe various messaging apps all end up inone platform and the people that I talkto the most frequently I can actuallypin to the top so this is one of my teammembers here that helps me keep Futuretools up to date you can see I've gothis conversation pinned to the topbecause he's somebody that I talk to ona daily basis same with Mark he's myeditor here I talk to him on a dailybasis so he's pinned to the top I'vealready read his message for today so Ican actually Mark as read let's say Ihaven't actually read his message and Ijust glanced at it real quick and Idon't want it to be red I can actuallymark it as unread and it doesn't matterwhich platform you're talking to thesepeople in you can mark it as read ormark it as unread you can schedulemessages to go out to people later so Ican say thanks for the help on this comeover here to this little arrow and clickSend later and say go ahead and send itin an hour this is now scheduled to sendat 5 PM my time which is an hour fromnow if DMS keep popping up and you don'twant to see them anymore you can mutethose conversations you can archiveconversations so they pull out of yourmain window here you can create labelsto organize them into labels like otherimportant work personal Etc you cansnooze messages by clicking remind laterand it will hide it and then bring thatmessage back up a day from now a weekfrom now when you need to respond to itall the cool features that we get intools like Gmail now and the variousemail platforms we can have in ourmessaging platforms with something if you've ever used a tool likesuperhuman for email this is likesuperhuman but for all of your DMs allin a single place and I absolutely loveit again I know it's not an AI tool it'sjust a tool that's made me 10 times moreproductive because I'm not going toTwitter DMS and Discord and slack andmessenger and all of these differentplaces to keep in the loop with theseconversations they all just get dumpedinto this one place and I just have onegiant listing of all the conversationsI'm in the middle of right now now withtext you do have to get on a wait listand then they let people in off the waitlist over time but I highly recommendchecking it out and getting on the waitlist they're not a sponsor or anythinglike that I just managed to get earlybeta access and I've been using it for acouple months now and it has absolutelybeen game changing for my productivityand keeping in the loop with all theconversations I'm in the middle of sothere you go that's pretty much abreakdown of my daily workflow the AItools that I use on a daily basis ifthere's any other AI tools that I use ona daily basis I would also add midjourney and stable diffusion into themix they didn't really fit in with thecontext of the rest of this video but Iuse those every day as well to make mythumbnails for my YouTube videos and tomake things like memes for Twitter andif I'm editing a video myself sometimesI'll generate some AI images for b-rollfor the video so I do use mid-journeyand stable diffusion quite a bit butI've made other videos about that andthat's pretty much my daily workflowthat's how I keep my finger on the pulseof everything going on in AI I use thosehandful of tools that's how I keep upwith conversations I use my mind to tossanything that I want to Circle back toor make content around in the future Istarted using recast and chat PDF tohelp me better understand articles andresearch papers and things like that Iuse Feedly to stay in the loop with allof the AI news that's coming out and Iuse chat GPT as sort of a personaladvisor when I have questions or I'mkind of struggling with what to do nexton YouTube or Twitter or something likethat and then finally I use texts tokeep all the conversations going and tomake sure that anybody that's dming methat I absolutely need to respond to Isee all right that's all I got for youI'm done rambling thanks so much fornerding out with me today if you like tonerd out about all these Cool Tools andthe AI AI World head over this is where I add newtools that I'm coming across pretty muchevery single day I keep the AI news pageup to date so if you don't want to gothrough all these steps to stay in theloop with the research I'll do it foryou and if you just want to get updatedonce a week join the free newsletterevery single Friday I'll send you ahandful of news articles the fivecoolest tools that I came across a fewYouTube videos and one cool way to makemoney with AI it's every Friday I don'tsend any other emails during the weekbut that one newsletter on Friday youcan join up at it'scompletely free just click this join thefree newsletter button thanks again fortuning in if you like videos like thismake sure you give this one a thumbs upand subscribe to this Channel and I'llmake sure more videos like this show upin your feed really really appreciateyou see you guys in the next video byethank you[Music]