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AI’s Most Insane Week – Things Will Never Be The Same

Stanford, Google, Anthropic, Microsoft, and Mid Journey Make Technology Advances

  • Stanford introduced the Alpaca 7B model, which is lightweight and can be used on a local computer
  • Google announced AI functionality in workspace tools and released the Palm API to select developers
  • Anthropic introduced Claude, a chatbot available through API
  • Google’s GPT4 was released and uses longer context with visual inputs
  • Microsoft Bing ran an early version of GPT4 for five weeks
  • Mid Journey held office hours and made two announcements.

Unexpected Results from Recent Technology Announcements

  • Mid-journey version 5 was announced and is able to create much more realistic images with a new tiling feature
  • Microsoft announced their 365 co-pilot, allowing AI to be used inside of Microsoft Office tools and introduced business chat
  • Baidu released Ernie but had an underwhelming presentation, leading to a slump in the company’s stocks
  • And finally, Emad hints at upcoming announcements from his company over the next few weeks.

Mats AI Channel Picks Up Speed – Tune in This Week for Updates and Tools

  • AI expert Mat is making big announcements this week
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  • This has been an intense week in AI which is picking up speed quickly
  • Tune in next week for more.

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so in all of the time that I've spentmessing with AI and following AI newsthis week has been the absolute craziestweek in AI that I've ever seen everysingle day there's been some sort ofcrazy announcement going on and in thisvideo I just want to break down thisweek in a nutshell let's get into it tostart off on the week Monday we got newsthat Stanford introduced the alpaca 7Bmodel what this is is a model trained on52 000 instructions similar to the waythe gpt3 model is trained howeverbecause it's trained on so much fewerinstructions it's much more lightweightand can actually be used on somebody'slocal computer when tested against toolslike gpt3 and chat GPT it actuallyperformed almost as well as those modelsbut with such a smaller file size andless necessity for compute power so thatit sort of democratizes these largelanguage models so that anyone can justrun them on their own system Elvis hereon on Twitter breaks it down by sayinglarge language models are gettingcheaper better and more accessible nowthey tested this on a really reallyhigh-end graphics card and it took threehours to train it and they fine-tuned itwith the Llama models which wasbasically recently released to thepublic Carlos Perez here says I don'tknow what to make about this developmentalpaca is surprisingly very good theclaim here is that training can be donein five hours using a single RTX 4090 astill fairly high-end graphics card buta consumer graphics card and then heasked has gpt-like models beendemocratized overnight Now While most ofus probably won't be trying to run ourown large language chat models on ourown computer with what's currentlyavailable what we're seeing with alpacashows that we are really really close tothis it won't be very long where similarto stable diffusion you'll be able tojust install your own chat bot on yourown computer have it trained on your owndata set and have your own personalizedgpt3 or chat GPT on your own computerwithout even needing to be connected tothe internet we are very close to thatand Monday was a big breakthrough andone step closer to that now on TuesdayTuesday was a huge day so much happenedon Tuesday everything just kept ongetting overshadowed by everything elsenow to start off Google announced thatthey were going to be releasing allsorts of AI functionality inside oftheir workspace tools we're going to getgpt3 like functionality inside of Googledocs and tools like Gmail really soonwhere it will just auto complete youremails autocomplete your docs for youhelp you brainstorm ideas write entirearticles for you write your resumeswrite your cover letters it sounds likeit's going to be pretty much what weexpect from tools like gpt3 directlyinside of Google docs and Gmail and thenrolling out a little later after thatwe're going to start to see itintegrated inside of Google Sheetsinside of Google slides inside of Googlemeet and all of the various other Suiteof tools that Google has out there we'regoing to start to see a lot of this AIroll into those tools is probably goingto make a lot of these recent crop of AIbased companies fairly obsolete since alot of these companies are actuallybuilding tools that are kind of justgoing to be features inside of whatGoogle is building now also on TuesdayGoogle announced the next generation ofAI for developers in Google workspacethey announced that they're releasingthe Palm API to select developers sothey can start building on top of thePalm model now I recently did a videowhere we talked about palm and palm is amultimodal model where it's going to beable to read what's going on in imagesit's going to be able to read your textprompts and combine that with images itsort of does a lot of what people wereexpecting gpt4 to do and now a lot ofcompanies are going to get to build ontop of that because of the API that'sgetting released from it also on Tuesdayanthropic a company that Googlethemselves is heavily invested inintroduced Claude which is their ownversion of a chat bot at the moment itappears that cloud is only availablethrough API so cloud is being usedbehind the scenes on a lot of tools likePoe from Cora and like the AI That'sbuilt into notion and then on Tuesdaythe granddaddy of them all the biggestnews of the week gpt4 is ready for us touse and it was in chat GPT for us toplay with that same day it was a littleinteresting because chat GPT didn't evenknow it was on gpt4 on day one but theoutputs that everybody was getting whenmessing with gpt4 inside of chat GPT wasclearly different and better than whatwe were getting out of previous versionsof chat GPT now gpt4 also announced thatwe're gonna be able to have longercontext in our messages with them andthat it's also going to use visualinputs and be a multimodal model as wellwhere it will be able to look at imagesand use that image for additionalcontext and decipher what's in the imageand do all sorts of interesting thingswith the combination of image and textinputs this was a huge breakthrough onTuesday and really set the AI world onfire by IV outputs that people aregetting out of GPT for so much betterquality of a responses but the accuracyof the information that it was puttingout it was just so much better and thenon the same day Microsoft then confirmedthat for the last five weeks if you'veused Bing at all you were using gpt4they said we are happy to confirm thatthe new Bing is running on gpt4 whichwe've customized for search if you usethe new Bing preview at any time in thelast five weeks you've alreadyexperienced an early version of thispowerful model so it wasn't what we seetoday with gpt4 but it was an earlyversion of gpt4 we have been using gpt4in Microsoft Bing like I stated in thevery first video that I made when Ifirst talked about Microsoft Bing chatalright so we're through Tuesday nowthen on Wednesday mid Journey was thetalk of the day they held a live officehours and 2 000 people show up to thelive office hours because on theirTwitter they announced that they weregoing to make an announcement andeverybody kind knew what thatannouncement was going to be but theyactually made two announcements thefirst announcement was the announcementof the new mid-journey magazine which isa curated collection of images from thecommunity as well as interviews andcontent around generative AI they alsoannounced that you can get access tomid-journey magazine and get your firstissue for free by clicking on get themagazine and then adding the promotionalcode subscriber and it will bring yourtotal down to zero dollars so you canget your first month free of mid-journeymagazine now that was pretty cool it wasa nice announcement and everybody wasexcited about it but the real bigannouncement was that mid-journey justlaunched mid-journey version five andmid Journey version 5 was able to createmuch more realistic images it was ableto do a much better job at handsalthough still not always perfect theimages are much more photorealistic theyhave a new tiling feature that you canuse to make tiled images that line upperfectly with each other if you use theimage over and over again they addedimage weights back into this new versionand the way you prompt is completelychanged now they want you to prompt in away where you're using full sentencesand talking to it like you would talk toa chat bot like chatgpt so it's got muchbetter recognition for normal standardlanguage and they also revealed on thiscall towards the end of the call theydidn't go too deep into it but they didreveal that they're working on an APIthat if you want to get access to themid Journey API to get in touch whichmeans we're going to start to see otherproducts start to pop up most likelythat use mid Journey for their artgeneration it's also very interestingthat the way that you prompt changedwith mid-journey version 5 to more of anormal sentence structure where youwould write like you would talk but thatalso fares well for connecting it tothings like gpt4 gpt4 is going to Outputmore like sentences and less like whatwe were used to prompt in mid-journey sothis could mean that it will be a loteasier to allow some of these chat toolsto generate prompts that mid-journeywill easily understand so that was thebig news on Wednesday was mid-journeyversion 5 is huge and it generates somereally really amazing images and then wejump to Thursday and Thursday Microsoftannounced their 365 co-pilot similar towhat I mentioned about what Google wasdoing with their workspace Microsoft isbasically adding in AI to everythingthat they do as well so pretty soonwe're going to get AI inside ofMicrosoft Word we're going to get itinside of excel we're going to get itinside of PowerPoint inside of Outlookinside of Microsoft teams and they alsointroduced their new business chat andthat takes all of your Microsoft toolsand uses the data in all of these placesto answer chat questions so essentiallyif you've got Microsoft Word and you'vegot Microsoft Excel and you've gotPowerPoint and you have Microsoft teammeetings and you and it summarized notesfor you and you've got Outlook itbasically takes all of the data from allof these places and lets you chat withit and it will look in all of theseplaces to answer your questions so do Ihave any meetings on Tuesday it can lookinside of your email and see if there'sanything that comes up for Tuesday andanswer your question remind me what wetalked about on that meeting lastThursday it could look at your meetingnotes and pull in data about what was onthat meeting it basically creates afine-tuned chat bot for you of all ofthe information that's inside of yourMicrosoft Suite of tools also onThursday the chat GPT rival made byBaidu called Ernie was released and itwas off to not the best start they gavea one hour presentation on it and welleverybody was pretty underwhelmed by itthey didn't show it off live theypre-recorded all the responses tocarefully curate how it was going torespond and because they didn't reallywant to show off what it can do live andthey sort of carefully we curated how itwas going to respond in pre-recordedmessages the company's shares of theBaidu stock slumped by 10 percent soshareholders were not impressed eitherand it was kind of a miss it doesn'tlook like they're going to be competingreal tightly with Google or Microsoftanytime real soon and that's justthrough Thursday and I'm recording thisvideo on Thursday so if there's more bignews on Friday I didn't capture it inthis video because of the timing of thisvideo but next week it's not going toslow down next week is crazy as wellnext week kicks off the GTC event whichis nvidia's conference all about AI itruns from the 20th through the 23rd ofnext week and Jensen Huang the CEO ofnvidia's speaking on March 21st as youcan see they describe it as theconference for the era of AI in themetaverse and who knows what kind of bigannouncements are going to be madeduring this conference you can go GTC and it is free to watchit virtually online there's going to bea lot of presentations about the latestresearch and how all of this technologyis going to transform the world andthere's people speaking from companieslike deepmind the co-founder of openairesearchers from meta the chief strategyofficer from Adobe and a ton more soit's going to be exciting I'm going tobe trying to tune into this event everyday and if you know me by now you know Iwill probably be trying to make videosabout any cool breakthroughs that comeout of this event but next week is goingto be crazy and I'm not even done yethere's one little thing that I'm goingto leave you with before this video endsemad if you're not familiar with him heis the founder of thecompany that created stable diffusion onthe 15th he said lots of announcementsthe next few weeks will be fun as anaside even after the amazing mid-journeyversion 5 release today I don't believethe releases not from us over the nextweek are even done what a time eh he'sbasically hinting that there's some bigannouncements coming next week aboutstable diffusion and there's definitelysome things in stable diffusion that arein the works we're expecting a stablediffusion 3.0 model to be announcedsometime real soon there's stablediffusion XL which has been in talksthere's talks of an overhaul of thestable diffusion online user interfaceso who knows what announcements he'sgoing to make next week emat is someoneto pay attention to on Twitter if you'renot already because he's one of the guysthat's at the Forefront of the AI spaceand he's telling us right now that thesebig announcements that are happeningthis week they're going to continue intonext week if you want to stay on thepulse of AI make sure you're subscribedto this channel make sure you like thisvideo to make sure you see more of themin your news feed and if you haven'talready head over to futuretools.ioclick the button to join the freenewsletter and every Friday I'll sendyou the tldr of the week in AI I'll tellyou about my five favorite tools all themost interesting news articles that havehappened in the week I'll share someYouTube videos with you and I'll tellyou one cool way to make money with AIand I send that every Friday and all yougot to do is go to and clickthe button to get on the list what aweek what a week this has been the mostintense week in AI that I have seen yetand man it's been fun and exciting and Ican't wait to see what next week andwhat the next months hold because thisstuff is just picking up speed fast andI'm here for it thanks so much fortuning in I'll see you guys in the nextvideo bye-bye foreign[Music]