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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

How I Make Faceless YouTube Videos in 10 Minutes with AI (Free)

AI Tools Revolutionize YouTube Video Creation: How to Create Quality Videos in 15 Minutes for Free

  • Last year, a YouTuber detailed the process of creating a channel run by Fiverr gigs
  • The channel got 26,000 views with 400 hours of watch time, but was burning up cash
  • Artificial Intelligence tools have changed this problem, making it possible for videos to be created in 15 minutes for free
  • These tools use specific language and GTP chat to make the perfect video
  • Gain ideas from vidIQ AI coach and craft a title through GTP chat
  • Use GTP chat to craft a 1000-word script filled with detail about the techniques used.

Job Seekers Rejoice: Free Online Editor Offers High Quality Video Creation on a Budget

  • Job Seekers are tired of submitting resumes but offers a free online editor which can produce videos quickly
  • The user can record their own voiceover, add stock footage and text and alter the size of the video
  • With this tool it is possible to create high-quality videos without spending a lot of money.

Using Tools to Create an Ideal Resume and Video Content

  • Creating the perfect resume to fit the job
  • Customizing a resume, adding text, music and transitions
  • Generating thumbnails and descriptions for YouTube videos using tools such as vidIQ and mid-journey

Unlock YouTube Creativity with AI Coach: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making an Engaging Thumbnail

  • The video demonstrated how to use the AI Coach from vidIQ to generate a YouTube thumbnail. The user is instructed to type in specific commands that allow them to customize their thumbnail
  • They are also given tips on what makes an effective thumbnail, such as bright colors and realistic faces. Once the commands are entered, four images are generated for the user to choose from, which can then be enlarged
  • The video details how the process works and gives advice on how to write an effective subscription prompt.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness
  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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Experience the power of instant video insights with VidCatter! Don’t waste valuable time watching lengthy videos. Our AI-powered platform generates concise summaries that let you read, not watch. Stay informed, save time, and extract key information effortlessly.

last year I made a video where Idetailed my attempts to make a YouTubechannel that was completely run byFiverr gigs I use Fiverr to buy thethumbnails to buy the editing to buy thevoiceovers to buy the scripts everysingle thing came from Fiverr and I'mgoing to give you a quick update to thatchannel you can see right here thechannel got 26 000 views it got over 400hours in watch time and if we look atour dashboard the last video actuallygot 900 views and was the best videowe've ever put out and to be honest Ionly put out 24 Total videos on thatchannel now there was only one problemwith that channel and that's that it wasburning up cash I was spending a lotmore money that I made in fact I wasmaking absolutely nothing from thechannel in the last few months thoughthat problem has completely changedbecause there's become an artificialintelligence tool for basically everypart of making a YouTube video and thatmeans you're going to be able to make aYouTube video The way I did without allthe cost in fact what I'm going to showyou today is how to make a completeYouTube video in probably about 15minutes completely for free using mostlyartificial intelligence tools let's DiveRight In now before we start there's twoimportant things you need to know aboutall these AI AI tools the first one isthat we need to know how to talk to themso you might understand that there is anAI tool that does something for you butif you don't know how to talk and youdon't know how to explain in a way thatthe AI tool will understand you'll endup with a garbage video and so whatwe're going to talk about is thelanguage a lot of times that we're goingto use to get the AI to do exactly whatit is we want and the second thing is weare going to be using chat GTP and we'realso going to be using a tool called vidIQ now vid IQ is actually just chat GTPpackaged up a little differently nowwhat they've done is they've taken chatGTP and they've actually built anintegration into their own website andthen they've trained it a little bitmore specifically for YouTube so firstwe are going to start vid IQ and that'sgoing to be for ideation okay we need tocome up with a good video idea somethingthat's really going to knock people'ssocks off and get a bunch of views nowvid IQ makes this really easy and allyou've got to do is go to vid IQ andsign up and you'll go to AI coach righthere and then it's going to have someprompts we're going to go to give mefive video ideas about we're just goingto click that right here and again thisis going to ask chat GTP this questionbut with a little more data now mychannel is all about Job hacks thingslike that and so getting a job might bea good one that we'll type in right hereand it's going to spit out fivedifferent cool video ideas for us to runwith now you can see right here it'sgiven us five ranging from resumes tointerviewing to networking now if youdon't like it you can always say give mefive more and it will give you five moreI think we're gonna run with somethingresume related because that's somethingthat really did really well on thechannel before so we're going to runwith how to create a resume to stand outfrom the crowd next we need to come upwith the title and that's pretty easyall I'm going to do is I'm going toclick refresh and we're going to say fixthis title and I'm going to type insomething like how to create the perfectresume right now it's going to fix thistitle or give me a bunch of title ideasfor this so it says step-by-step guideto crafting the perfect resume I'mactually okay with that if I wasn't okaywith that I would say try again and itwould try again and I can say try againas many times as I needed to until I gota title that I felt like had a goodpotential for a lot of clicks forexample The Ultimate Guide to writing astandout resume also a great title Imight run at that one instead anywayonce you select your title you now havea video idea you've got a title and it'stime for you to start scripting so forstep three we actually are going to usechat GTP to make our script and thereason that we want to do that is chatGTP tends to give you longer and morefilled out scripts so if you try to usevid IQ you'll find that it's only two orthree hundred words the script it spitsout and chat UTP you can you can talk toit enough and get it to give you a longscript and I'll show you what I mean sowhen I say write a thousand word scriptfor a YouTube video let's say I have 12techniques for crafting the perfectresume now I'll tell it to write fivesentences about each technique and I'llbe witty and guess what sometimes it'lllisten and sometimes it won't and inthis case it didn't listen Okay so itstarted to write a pretty good resumeright here you can see all I did wastell it to write and I told it to bewitty I always tell it to be witty heythere job Seekers and it gives me a nicelittle intro and then it starts to diveinto the points now this isn't going tobe long enough I can already tell thatit's not going to be long enough soyou'll see that I respond down here andI say write it again but I want you togo into more detail about each of the 12techniques and chat GDP I'll dive in anddo that so you can see right here it'sgoing to start right on the techniquesagain and this time we're getting alittle more we're getting five six sevensentences for each one which is muchmore in line with the length that wewant and we could tell it as many timesas we want to go into more detail wecould tell it to go into more detailabout point two all you've got to do isrespond back and forth until you havewhat you feel good about you're alsogoing to find that as it's going itsometimes stops going and you can seeright here have someone else review itthis and then it stops all you've got todo is tell Chance ATP to keep going it'salmost like it has a brain freeze soyou'll tell it to keep going and it willfinish up this article and or finish upthis YouTube script and then it willfinish up with a good closing statementright there as well now at this pointyou're just a few minutes in all you'vedone is get an idea you've got a titleand you've got a script and each ofthese unless you battle back and forthwith the AI should take you about 30seconds now it comes time to actuallymake the video this is where I wasblowing a lot of money before the videoediting and the video voiceover and allthat that was costing me a lot of moneyon my previous channel but it doesn'tanymore so what we're going to use iswe're going to use a tool called invideo dot IO and we'll leave a link downbelow to that as well again they have afree plan everything I'm talking aboutcan be done on the free plan if you wantto improve the quality of your video ina lot of different ways obviously thereare different paid plans that willdramatically make your video betteryou'll get access to better footageaccess to better music you'll get betterTransitions and stuff you'll just beable to make a better video but that'sup to you now as we dive in here all youcan do is you're going to go to createnew and you're going to go to editorright here okay now we're going tochoose landscape because that's thedimensions of a YouTube video and it'sgoing to pull up this awesome onlineeditor right here now once you've openedup this editor we're going to need toadd just a placeholder essentiallysomething that's going to sit there totell it how long the video needs to bewhile we build everything around it justgo to images right here and click on anyimage and it'll add the image we'regoing to shrink it down shrink down theview here and we're going to extend theimage to as long as you think your videois going to be I think we're probablygoing to shoot for six to eight minutesso I'm going to go about seven minutesright here again this is just aplaceholder now we can add our voiceover now this used to be hard all I'mgoing to do is record it directly inhere you can use an external mic or youcan use your own mic or you can actuallyhave it do the voiceover for you ifyou'd like but I personally prefer torecord my own voiceovers because it onlytakes me five minutes and I can use myown voice inflections and things likethat so you'll click voiceover andyou'll have four different options youcan close you can choose automated textto speech for that option all you'regoing to have to do is copy this wholescript and you're going to copy itdirectly into this section right hereand then you select a voice and it willgenerate an entire voiceover for you andspit it out on a timeline right herelike I said it still sounds a little bitrobotic so instead I'm going to go tovoiceover and I'm going to select that Iwant to record my voice over and thenall I do is directly record my voiceoverdirectly into in video so I'm going toclick record and I'll record it realquick job Seekers are you tired ofsubmitting all right so once we've gotour voice over in there we're going tohave two different clips on twodifferent lines right here now we'regoing to need to start adding the actualmedia the actual video and this isreally easy to do you can see right hereon the left you click video and it'sgoing to pull up just tons of stockvideo and all you've got to do is searchthe stock video now again if you're on aif you're on a better if you're on apaid plan you're going to find that youget a lot more access to a lot bettervideo but there's plenty of video evenif you're not on that paid plan so we'regoing to click right here and I'm goingto type in I'm just going to listen tothe first minute okay in the firstlittle bit I talk about resume so I'mgoing to type in something like resumeright here and you're going to see I'mgoing to get a bunch of different videooptions that I can add that um ourresumes you can see this is one righthere I can click on them to preview themif I want or I can just say yeah thatlooks good and I'll click plus and thenI can either select the entire clip andadd it or I can select a piece of theclip and say I just want that clip righthere now I'm talking about Job Seekersso a job application is perfect I'llclick add and it's going to startanother timeline right here okay nowdepending on the size of that stockfootage you might need to drag it tomake it big enough and we will do thaton this one you can see we'll drag it tofill up the screen so it does fill upthe screen now we're probably going towant to change our view back tosomething a little more detailed so youcan see right there I'm going to dragthat a little bit and we're going todive in here now and we're going tostart making edits all we're doing isadding footage as we go so I'm going tolisten to another section of 5 to 10seconds and then I'm going to add morefootage over and over and over again nowone thing you'll notice that as you'readding footage it's actually going tocreate new timelines each time you cansee these four timelines right here Ijust added this and it added it onanother timeline so all you're going todo is just continually drag it to theend right there so I'll continue andI'll continue to add videos and each newvideo will be added to its own timelineno worries I'll just click it and dragit into this video timeline right herealright so you can see right here I'vegot a bunch of videos in there I've gotI've got my voiceover going and youcould technically be done with it righthere we'll click playhey there job Seekers are you tired okayyou can see we've got this video butwe're going to want to add a little bitmore detail make it a little moreexciting because obviously we want toget a lot of views on this right so nextwe're going to add some kind of text nowall you got to do to add text you'regoing to go over here and you can seethere's a text option right there andthere's templates that you can easilyadd over different points of the videoso if you've got a video with a list of12 that's a good spot to start addingyour text where each time we bring upanother item in our list like this videoI'll add a bit of text all right so myfirst point is customizing your resumeto fit the job so all I'm going to do isI'm going to choose a category for me Ilove minimalist here I'm going to clickminimalist and it's going to give me allthese cool options I think I'm going togo with something like this one righthere so I'm going to click on it and I'mjust going to drag it and it's going toadd it to the timeline above right thereyou can see it's now got a fourthtimeline this is the timeline for ourtext where we're going to add all of ourtext now I can easily click in there andI can edit the text just by going righthere and editing the text I can also doa lot of different things with fonts ifI you know if I really want to getcreative and go crazy I can do thatwe're trying to spit out videos quickhere for a faceless channel so I'm justgoing to be okay with this and I'm gonnasay step number one fit the job okaystep number one and I'm actually gonnaput an enter right there because I wantto be on the second line step number onefit the job I'm pretty good with thatagain you can animate it and do allkinds of fun things if you want I canclick here and just kind of have it comein come out kind of slowly show up onthe screen all that fun stuff but that'skind of up to you and your creativeabilities so I'll go through here andI'm going to add text to each of thedifferent spots where it makes sense forme to throw some text over the screen aswell now to do this it's actually a loteasier than having to do that whole allthose steps we just did again all I'mgoing to do is I'm copying and pastingit so I'm going to click onto thatcurrent step we made I'm going to pasteit and then I'm just going to drag itdown to where the next spot is I'm gonnado the same thing paste it I'm going todrag it to where the next spot is andthen all I've got to do is I really onlyhad to edit it once right now I canclick into this next one I can go toedit up here and I can change the textit'll keep all the animations I addedall the Styles all that stuff so that Ican maintain a style throughout theentire video last thing is we want toadd music and once again this is reallyreally easy to do we're going to goagain on this left where everything'shappening we're going to click on musicand you can see right here it's going topull up tons of different genres ofmusic I don't know any YouTube videosthat want angry music typically you wantsomething more inspiring so you'll clickinto there and you can listen to themusic and then click plus to add it whenyou find something you wantnow I'm pretty happy with this first onehonestly I find the ones at the top seemto be better than the ones as you getcloser to the bottom but I'm going toclick plus right here and it's going tostart a new music timeline right downhere I'm going to click I'm going todrag it to the beginning and then you'regoing to want to click on it and you'regoing to want to make it a littlequieter because typically it's going tobe full volume when it goes in there sowe'll click on volume right there we'llclick here and we'll drop the volumedown to maybe 35 percent of what ittypically is all right so here's wherewe're at right nowhey there job Seekers are you tired ofsubmitting resumes that never seem toget a responseokay that's a pretty good intro and Ithink I'm okay with that music runningthroughout the entire length of thevideo now you can go in and you can addTransitions and you can add overlays andall kinds of elements and whatever it isthat you want if that's the route thatyou want to take again you don't need tobe doing that for a lot of these YouTubevideos but you can get as creative asyou want anyway once you're done you'regonna end up with something that lookssimilar to this hey there job Seekersare you tired of submitting resumes thatnever seem to get a response don't worrywe've got your back in this video we'llbe sharing with you 12 techniques forcreating the perfect resume that willget you noticed by recruiters and hiringmanagers let's get so that's a prettygood video I think the voiceover is funI think the script is great they onscreen everything is good I'm prettyhappy with this video and honestly thisis as good as what I was getting at aFiverr spending anywhere from 50 to 100per video so all we have left is twoparts we need a thumbnail and we need adescription once again we're going touse vid IQ or chat GPT we're going touse a tool called mid-journey to makeour thumbnail now what mid-journey is isit's an AI image Creator and it can beincredible and Power powerful or it canbe terrible and it can come out withgarbage again it depends on how you talkto it and how you tell it what you wantso I'm going to paste in exactly theprompt that we're going to use for thisand then I'll explain why we're doingdifferent things so I'll leave a linkdown to Mid Journey Down Below you'regoing to need to download somethingcalled Discord and it's going to come upwith a section that looks just like thisonce you're in Discord now once you'rein it is kind of crazy because you getto see everyone's pictures which is kindof fun but anyway you're going to scrollall the way down here to newbies andyou're going to click into any of thesenewbie rooms I'm going to click newbie66 if you're gonna see all thesedifferent paintings and things thatpeople are getting done by mid-journeythen you're going to type in backslashand you're going to type in the wordimagine okay and then it's going to askfor a prompt so after you type inImagine then you get to tell it what youwant and this is what I'm going to dofor this one I'm going to say I want topicture a person handing a resume to asmiling man in a suit so again we needto be specific but we can do this overand over again if it doesn't work outnow I'm going to give it some reallySpecific Instructions I want it to becolorful and bright it might dosomething dark and I tend to find thatYouTube videos that are thumbnails thatare colorful and bright do better I'malso going to tell it to be realistic Idon't want I want to look like an actualperson right I typically see people'sfaces do better on YouTube so I'm goingto go for that realistic then I'm goingto type in 8k and all that tells it is Iwant something with good resolution andthen last this is really importantyou're going to type in dash dash ARspace 16 colon 9 and that just tells itthat we want different dimensions wedon't want it to be a square becausethis is a YouTube thumb so we're goingto go for 16.9 once I type all of thatin I'm going to click enter and we'regoing to wait about 30 to 40 seconds andit's going to actually give me fourdifferent pictures that I can choosefrom so I'm kind of looking and I don'tlove that it's adding a picture righthere I kind of like this bottom left oneand I kind of like this top right one II think I'm kind of leaning towards thistop right one you can tell he's handingthe resume he's got that smile now againI can go in there and I can do it againover and over again if I feel like it'snot giving me what exactly that I'mlooking for I can say I can removecolorful I can remove realistic I cansay you know make it bright instead ofcolorful all kinds of different thingswe can say till we feel good I feelpretty good about this yellow one righthere so I'm going to to do is I'm goingto go right here and I'm going to figureout this is one two three and four thepictures and I'm going to say U2 allthat means is I want you to blow up andjust give me a full-size version of thatsecond picture and it's going to spitthat out for me now while it's doingthat I'm going to head back over to vidIQ real quick we're going to go intothat AI coach and we're going to saywrite a subscription for a video aboutthe perfect resume okay and you're goingto get your description all ready to goit'll take this about 10 seconds whichis about the same amount of time it'sgoing to take mid-journey now you're allgood to go you've got your video you'vegot your description you've got yourtitle you've got your thumbnail allyou've got to do is Click upload andwatch those views come in now you canstart a faceless Channel and scale andgrow that faceless Channel at no costwhile putting out literally dozens ofvideos every single day 2023 is going tobe a crazy year for YouTube